Windows XP and DOS

  Ex Cossack 14:30 25 Nov 2003

I know Windows XP doesn't use DOS but can you Start, Run a DOS based batch file?

  spikeychris 15:21 25 Nov 2003

Yeah. Which one do you want to use?

  Ex Cossack 16:23 25 Nov 2003

The reason is look at this previous thread. click here

I have written a batch file which works perfectly in Win98SE and will do a good clear up. But I didn't know whether it would work in Win XP

  xania 16:36 25 Nov 2003

I've stuck with SE because of all my DOS programs and batch files still in use. However, have you considered a dual-OS approach? Just a thought - its something I'm considering

  Ex Cossack 17:16 25 Nov 2003

xania, NO I don't see any advantage in having a dual boot system. Apart from that I don't think Win XP is any better than any other windows system yet. Have you noticed that most of the problems on this forum concern Win XP? We'll have to wait and see what the new Windows O/S "Longhorn" brings

  spikeychris 18:44 25 Nov 2003

Have you copies the deltree file from a 9X machine? if so its a doddle. IE c:\windows\command\DELTREE /y "C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files" > NUL

  temp003 06:41 26 Nov 2003

Not quite clear to me from the previous thread what you want to delete, but I assume it's things like temporary internet files, history and so on.

You can use the rd command in XP's cmd.exe and write a .cmd file, such as:

cd %homedrive%%homepath%

rd cookies /s /q

rd locals~1\history /s /q

rd locals~1\temp /s /q

rd locals~1\tempor~1 /s /q

First line changes directory to the c:\documents and settings\[username] folder - the currently logged on user.

The rd command is to remove directory. Choose the folders you want to delete.

/s is to delete all subfolders and files, the equivalent of the deltree in Windows 9x.

/q is quiet mode - skips confirmation by user.

Save the file as [filename].cmd

Put the file in the All Users' startup folder (or an individual user's startup folder).

  xania 13:21 26 Nov 2003

Ex Cossack

I totally agree, but I think that we are fighting a losing battle. I doubt that "Longhorn" will improve the situation - perhaps it will solve some of the problems, but you can bet you last cent that it will generate new ones.

  Jester2K II 13:31 26 Nov 2003

Have you noticed that most of the problems on this forum concern Win XP?

Of course it is! Its the newest OS out and all new PCs are sold with it. You think Windows 95 is better because it hardly gets mentioned??

  xania 12:31 27 Nov 2003

Jester2K II

Fair comment, but the point is that all these new OS's still generate as many problems as they solve. My maxim - if it ain't broke, don't fix it. So long as my 98SE works for me, that's where I'll stay.

  Ex Cossack 14:29 27 Nov 2003

I don't believe any O/S is any better or worse than any other, (like I don't believe a PC is any better or worse than a Mac) It all depends on what you are used to and if it does everything you want why change. Anyway this is as far as it goes. The question was "Does a DOS batch file work with Win XP" which appears to be half and half. I will have to get to a friend who has XP and try it for myself (djohn, where are you?) Thanks for all the comments. Now ticked.

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