John-224234 14:45 06 Sep 2004

For almost a month now, I've been grappling with my XP Home Edition PC's slow booting times,unending freezes and crashes and the lot.Despite trawling through a number of web sites, the problems appear not go away.Now, I cannot open Help and Support,Search,System Restore,Misconfig,etc.Neither am I able to access Windows Update site for downloads despite there being an icon on the task bar indicating that there are downloads ready for installation!Each time I click on the said icon,nothing happens and the status of the 'download' remains stuck at 0%.As if this is not enough, Windows Media Player Series 9 cannot open at all coming up with an error message:'an appliction error has occurred'.I'm most frustrated by all this as you can imagine.Can someone out there PLEASE HELP me reslolve these issues. Many thanks in advance for your help.

  Yoda2002 14:50 06 Sep 2004

ok first of what system you running did it come with xp or have you upgraded second calm down third with the limited info you giving if you have a back ups of your pc i would do a complete format and re install win xp from the start ;-)

add more info of you system and maybe you get more help

  johnsims 14:53 06 Sep 2004

It would appear that you can access the internet. I would go to one of the Antivirus sites and do an online system scan. Put the following into google

online virus scan

and choose your scan

  VoG II 15:01 06 Sep 2004
  smudge101 15:12 06 Sep 2004

I think Yoda is right. When you get to a certain point it is quicker and easier to reinstall windows than try to solve the problems individually.

Also if the reinstall does not fix the problem you could possibly be looking at a power unit fault. (Unlikley but it happened to me).

  johnsims 15:42 06 Sep 2004

A reinstall is the LAST resort. All that time and efort put into configuration, settings and loading software only has to be repeated. The point at which you would decide to renistall is a long way off yet. Try an online virus scan and the dll registration that VOG's suggestion first. - Probably dll registration first, it is simple, follow the link.

  johnsims 15:43 06 Sep 2004

sorry about the typo!

  Stuartli 15:47 06 Sep 2004

Have you tried System Restore from a known good date?

  BurrWalnut 16:05 06 Sep 2004

This may correct the Windows Update problem if the download never starts. "OR" nothing "moves" on the download progress bar, no matter how long you leave the connection open. MS Suggest the following :
Re-register the following files: regsvr32 msscript.ocx, regsvr32 dispex.dll, regsvr32 vbscript.dll, regsvr32 scrrun.dll
1. Click "Start," and then click "Run."
2. Type regsvr32 msscript.ocx in the "Open" box and click "OK."
3. Repeat number 2 above for the other 3 files : dispex.dll, vbscript.dll, and scrrun.dll.
Next, make sure file (open) type .JS is properly associated:
4. In Control Panel, click "Folder Options," and then click "File Types."
5. Locate the .JS extension and click "Advanced."
6. Make sure the "Application to perform action" field contains: C:\WINDOWS\System32\WScript.exe "%1" %*
Or empty everything from \Windows\WindowsUpdate\V4 except IUHIST.XML

  Skeletor 16:31 06 Sep 2004

If you've only had the PC for a month, I think I would reinstall XP. If you've had it longer and have got loads of programs setup then I think (if my memory is correct) you can do something like a non-destructive reinstall, but somebody else should advise you on that as I've never (touch wood) had to do it.

  John-224234 02:41 07 Sep 2004

Thank you all for the various responses to my dilemma.I will be looking at them later tonight and will keep you posted on the progress or otherwise.
Once again, thanks and can you please continue to offer your suggestions/advice's very much appreciated.

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