Windows XP - Do I need to buy a new copy?

  Green T 22:23 02 Jan 2006


I have a copy of Windows XP Pro for my current PC which I am just about to replace. Am I right in thinking I can use this for my new PC?

I'm a bit stumped because all the usual High Street shops only seem to sell PC's with the OS pre-installed. Is there an alternative?


  ade.h 22:35 02 Jan 2006

Did you buy your copy of XP Pro?

Or was it supplied with hardware?

The former means that you are free to transfer it to another PC as long as it is no longer used on the prvious hardware (one installation only).

The latter means that it is tied - strictly speaking in legal terms - to that hardware. You would need to purchase a new copy or at least purchase a new license number and use it with the existing copy.

  ade.h 22:37 02 Jan 2006

There are two arguments of course; what you can physically do with a full copy - OEM or retail - of Windows XP, and what you can legally do with it.

  wee eddie 22:43 02 Jan 2006

You must remove it from the old machine.

What you have bought is a License to use Windows XP Pro on "ONE" Machine only.

Read EULA -- the license agreement

  Green T 22:48 02 Jan 2006

It's a legit academic copy we brought online to allow us to upgrade from Windows 98, so I have the box, cd, etc.

Have to admit we are no longer students, but that's about as non-legit as it gets!

  wee eddie 22:51 02 Jan 2006

I spent too long thinking as to how I should word it.

  DieSse 22:52 02 Jan 2006

If it's an OEM copy with a label affixed to the existing case - then the licnce precludes you from putting it on another system. (However you can sell it included with the old system if you wish).

If it's a RETAIL copy, then you can take it off the existing sysatem and install it on another system. With a RETAIL copy, the licence key is on the documentation that came with XP.

Also with an OEM CD it clearly says on the CD itself - *For distribution with a new PC only* and refers to the fact that the Certificate of Authenticity should be attached to the case of the CD.

  Green T 22:53 02 Jan 2006

So does that make it pointless even looking at PCWorld, Currys, Comet, etc. as all their deals seem to include the OS, or do they sell PC's without this as well?

I get the feeling I could get more for my money online. Looking at other threads, Novatech seems to come up quite a lot, are there any other sites worth looking at?


  DieSse 22:55 02 Jan 2006

Sorry - too slow in posting.

BUT - strictly speaking I think you may find the academic licence may prohibit you from using it when you cease to be students. Read the licence terms through carefully.

  PaulB2005 23:30 02 Jan 2006

"to allow us to upgrade from Windows 98"

If it's an upgrade then it'll also depend on what the original Windows 98 installation was, as the 98 and the XP upgrade form your license - not just the upgrade. If the Windows 98 was an OEM copy then it's locked to the old PC.

  stu23 20:58 06 Jan 2006

If you've got an upgrade version, don't even bother keeping this one going, as you would have to
install win 98 everytime first, the upgrade (tired already thinking about that)

Just buy a new copy with a hard drive (oem cheaper) or get it with the new comp.

Microsoft won't come knocking on your door as long as you have bought something ligit

hope this helps, If my info is misguided, my apologies, but this is what i did my self when i made my machine

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