Windows XP disk and Recovery CD

  Midsman2005 13:32 12 Aug 2005

Following on from my other thread about upgrading my motherboard.

I bought my PC from Novatech about 6 months ago and want to upgrade the motherboard.

A few people have said I will need to buy yet another copy of WIndows XP.

But I have already paid for one copy of Windows XP and I am pretty irritated that I need to buy another one as I only have the recovery CD I got with the computer.

Is there anyway around this?

  mattyc_92 13:35 12 Aug 2005

What version of Windows XP??? Retail or OEM (doesn't matter if it is Home or Pro Edition)?

  Midsman2005 13:41 12 Aug 2005

Do you mean the one that came installed on the PC?

I have no idea, how can I find out?

  mattyc_92 13:48 12 Aug 2005

Basically, did you buy Windows XP in a store (like PC World) which includes the "box" and "manual"?

If you didn't, then it is an OEM version and they are tied to the first system they are installed upon.

  woodchip 13:51 12 Aug 2005

Your Recovery Disc will not Load as the Drivers on the Recovery CD do not Match and the CD will tell that it cannot Restore. You will have to shell out for new XP CD

  Midsman2005 13:53 12 Aug 2005

Oh I see.

Windows came pre-installed on the PC, all I have is the recovery cd and not a windows manual, windows cd, I would guess OEM?

This is quickly beginning to seem like another Microsoft rip-off tactic to me...thanks a lot Bill!

  woodchip 13:56 12 Aug 2005

A Recovery CD is not a OEM XP disc. All it is, is a means of putting the Preinstalled OS and Software back to Factory state on your Computer. A OEM XP disc and a Full XP disc are one and the same thing, only thing is that the OEM XP disc may be stamped out by the Computer manufacturer, as with my MEDION it's a Full XP disc that Say's Medion Operating System Disc, I also got a Recovery CD along with the above.

  stylehurst 13:58 12 Aug 2005

Although it won't help on this particular occasion, can I suggest that in future when purchasing a PC, you buy without an operating system installed & purchase the operating system as a separate item. You can still buy from the likes of Novatech as an OEM OS, but it does mean that you have a complete set of Windows XP disks & not just a recovery CD.
Purchasing in this manner costs about the same from Novatech as purchasing with the system pre-installed

  Midsman2005 14:02 12 Aug 2005


Yes I see that now and am now seeing I could have saved myself about 60 or 70 quid by doing this.

Hmmm, not very happy right now.


I have emailed Novatech asking them if this is the case with their Recovery CD's.

Hindsight is one of the most irritating of things!

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