Windows xp disk corruption?

  Shoshona 00:22 10 Sep 2006

Hiya folks
I have just bought a new pc without an OS which was fine..I thought..because I have a windows XP home disk from my last pc. I hae formatted my pc in the past and re-installed the OS without problems. Not so this time, shortly after putting in the product key the first file was 'not found' I retried a couple of times. Took the disk out, buffed and polished it...kissed it and prayed for it!! But nothing. I reformatted again but nothing. The daft thing is that the second time round the files were different ones. SO how does that work? Am I going to have to fork out for a new operating system? Do disks become corrupt? Please help me, I have not got a heep of money and the operating systems do cost a fortune. You have helped me in the past and I hope you will there a way to restore a disk if it has been corrupted?? Anyway.....thanks people!;o)

  rdave13 00:31 10 Sep 2006

Affraid your xp disk was "tied" to your other pc.
You'll have to buy another windows xp os disk.
An alternative is click here but I have no experience with Linux.

  Storik 00:36 10 Sep 2006

I had this problem with a Windows 98 disk - each time "file not found" message came up it was different to the last attempt at install.

The problem turned out to be the CDROM drive. I don't think you will get a problem with XP being "tied" to your other computer until you come to activate it - but I may be wrong. :-)


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