Windows XP desktop Clean wizard

  Dell latitude 19:24 25 Jul 2006

Hi how can i change the windows xp desktop icon clean wizard to clean the desktop in less days


  Diodorus Siculus 19:28 25 Jul 2006

Smart Computing-Tip Of The Day:
"A Wizard’s Job Is Never Done (Windows XP only)

One of the advanced options available to WinXP users is the Desktop Cleanup Wizard, which moves unused or unwanted Desktop shortcuts to a folder on your Desktop that is called Unused Desktop Shortcuts. To run the Desktop Cleanup Wizard, right-click your Desktop and select Properties. Click the Desktop tab and click the Customize Desktop button.

Next, select the General tab in the Desktop Items dialog box and click the Clean Desktop Now button to have WinXP perform Desktop maintenance. The Desktop Cleanup Wizard opens and WinXP presents a list of all your Desktop shortcuts along with the date you last used them. Select the checkbox in front of a shortcut to have WinXP move it to the Unused Desktop Shortcuts folder. If you later want to bring the shortcut back, you can open the folder and drag it out.

If you want WinXP to prompt you for Desktop cleanup regularly, click the Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard Every 60 Days checkbox in the Desktop Items dialog box. Once you select this option, WinXP will present a balloon reminder every two months if it finds unused icons. The only way to change this frequency is to edit the WinXP Registry, which is a potentially dangerous task that you must handle carefully. Before you edit the Registry, you should back it up. Visit the Knowledge Base ( and read article 322756 for assistance.

To change the Desktop Cleanup Wizard’s run frequency, select Run from the Start menu and type regedit in the Open field. Locate the following Registry key by clicking the plus signs (+) in front of each folder until you reach the final folder:


Click the CleanupWiz folder and locate the Days Between Clean Up value in the right pane. Right-click this value and select Modify. Change the value from Hexadecimal to Decimal, enter the desired interval (in days) between cleanup reminders, and click OK."
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  Dell latitude 19:32 25 Jul 2006

thanks alot mate

  bluto1 23:09 25 Jul 2006

Here endeth the lesson.
I too, thank you, Diodorus Siculus..

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