Windows XP and CD-RW

  TechMad 15:33 28 Feb 2003

Recently, my computer has been pausing for a couple of seconds at regular intervals. On closer inspection at these pauses the HDD and an IDE CD-RW drives are both active (lights flash). The CD drive gives all the indication on the hardware that a CD is being writen too. However there is never a disk in the drive when it does this. The drive has worked for 6 months previously with out problems.

I think I had a similar problem with a SCSI CD-RW and Windows 98 on the same computer, but it stoped me from booting the computer up again until the drive was disconnected. This scenario has not happened this time.

  TechMad 15:36 28 Feb 2003

Help, its now pausing every 2 minutes, which is making the computer nearly unusable because sometimes if I type the text will appear and sometimes not.

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