Windows XP Can I install in new computer.

  sharpe 17:42 23 Jun 2005

Can anyone help me. I have bought a genuine version of XP home off ebay. (I have the Certificate of Authenticity sticker and its the hologrammed version)I loaded it on to my old computer and it gave me a few problems. (The comp was only just over the recommended spec for installation) Anyway I registered the disc with microsoft didnt't like what was happening on my old comp and so then I uninstalled and went back to my old Windows 98SE.

Anyway I am thinking of upgrading and notice that you can buy systems without an OS (It would seem pointless to have to buy another XP Home disc) and wondered because I have already installed and removed my XP home whether it will allow me to use it it in my new computer (when I get it) or is there something that will only allow you to install on one computer and prevent me from using it on an upgrade. (It is not a recovery disc with XP on it, as I have said it is a genuine CofA hologrammed XP disc)

Hope someone can help

  Pooke 17:49 23 Jun 2005

if it's an OEM version then no, if it's retail version then yes. It should say on the liscence.

  Graham ® 17:50 23 Jun 2005

There is a possibility you have been duped. It's not the installation that's a problem, it's the registering it with Microsoft. If it has already been registered, it will 'expire' after 30 days of installation.

  woodchip 17:55 23 Jun 2005

When you reactivate tell MS on the phone what you did then there should be no problems

  sharpe 18:03 23 Jun 2005

I have just noticed that it says OEM on the licence, what does OEM stand for? and does that mean its wont load onto a new comp, seems a waste?

  woodchip 18:08 23 Jun 2005

OEM means it should only be Sold with a new computer or Motherboard, or New Hard Drive

  Pooke 18:23 23 Jun 2005

It means that it can't be moved from computer to computer. Microsoft might be understanding about your situation and allow you to activate on another computer, but they don't have to.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacture, the liscence dies with the machine. Eg My XP home is OEM, if my PC is unrepairable and I buy a new computer then I will also need a new liscensed copy of XP for it as the one I already have would have died with the original unrepairable computer.

However a retail copy can be moved about as many times as you want, provided it's only ever on one computer at a time!

Support for OEM comes from the place you bought it and retail version support comes from Microsoft themselves.

  sharpe 18:27 23 Jun 2005

I did fit a new hardrive at the time of installation though being fair that was not because of any oem rules just because the old one was so small, it looks as though I could be "stuffed"

  sharpe 19:02 23 Jun 2005

Would it work if I swopped the hardrive I fitted into a new comp.

  woodchip 19:24 23 Jun 2005

no it would not work in another computer you would be better to load the oem on the new computer

  bremner 19:40 23 Jun 2005

In truth the OEM system is a bit of a joke.

Most online retailers will sell a copy of OEM software irrespective of whether it is purchased with other hardware. Be it an O/S, Office suite, Antivirus or Nero

Practically speaking there is nothing to stop you moving it from one machine to another - I have never had an activation failure on doing so. (It has only been on one machine at a time)

I know the FE tried to get definitive answer from MS on this and to the best of my memory the response was hardly definitive.

My advice is try it and see what happens.

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