windows XP blues

  CEC57 12:59 26 Apr 2003

Using windows XP Pro with service pack 1 and all updated

My right click on the desk top does not work although it works elsewhere, say in a folder. What have I done? I've tried system restore but it will not go back to any of the restore points and have also used sfc /scannow.
None of the above have worked .

I am also having problems using scandisk or speed disk (they will not work unless the auto fix is turned off.

I have full admin on my log in account

Please someone can you help

(I have used Norton Anti V on all my disks)

  CEC57 13:36 26 Apr 2003

If nobody can help me with the right click thing
can some one tell me how to empty the bin as i have norton file protection

  temp003 05:20 27 Apr 2003

Don't know how to solve yur right click problem.

As to clearing the Recycled Bin, presumably your problem now is you can't right click the Norton Protected Recycled Bin icon to open the "normal" Windows Recycled Bin?

The workaround is to open the folder C:\Recycler which is the Windows folder for storing deleted files, and delete the files from there.

It is a hidden folder (and probably a protected operating system folder). If you don't see it under your C drive, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, and tick "Show all hidden files and folders", and if necessary, untick "Hide protected operating system files". Click OK.

As to scandisk which does not run unless you deselect "fix errors", are you referring to Norton Disk doctor? If so, it is by design. You do the check first without ticking that option. If an error is detected, you tick the fix errors option, then rerun the test, and you'll be prompted to schedule a scandisk next time you restart. It's a bit silly. Next time you restart, a scandisk will be done before comptuer boots into Windows.

  User-312386 08:36 27 Apr 2003

start>control panel>now click on Printers and Other Hardware, now click on the Mouse

Look through the mouse set up and see if anything has been disabled


  CEC57 11:46 27 Apr 2003

Thank you for all your help
I have now found out what was wrong.
Something in my login account was wrong so I have created a new one and now everything is working OK

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