Windows XP Blue Screens.

  iamlee 10:32 28 Jun 2003

Hey All, Recently Ive Had Problems With My Motherboard So I Have Purchased A Gigabyte GA-7VA, But I Keep Getting Blue Screen Whenever I Try To Do Virus Scans Or Anything Which Uses Alot Of CPU Usage... My CPU Temperature Is High On The Motherboard But Thats A Faulty Reading... Any Ideas People???
Lee :)

are you sure the temperature is not dangerouly high , even if the reading is wrong?

and were you connected to the ground when you put the machine together? and is there good cooling around your memory chips?

( i suspect that there arent many answers to this as not many people have managed to get a BSOD out of XP)

  iamlee 12:24 28 Jun 2003

It Aint Hot.. Ive Tried Touching it and its cool, i get like those stupid blue screens which mean a hardware error:( whenever my cpu usage increases

are you touching the heat sink or the cpu? touching the heat sink won't tell you how hot the cpu is and touching the cpu will have damaged it in all likely hood besides it will have cooled by the time you have the heatsink off.

anyway thats a bit of a distaction because the system would probably shut down entirely if the cpu is the problem, the error is more likely to eminate from your memory chips, does the BSOD give you any details of the error?

  AMD 4 ever 13:01 28 Jun 2003

Did you reformat the hdd after the new motherboard? This could be the problem.

  iamlee 13:11 28 Jun 2003

nope i aint formatted... was thinking to do that tonight.. horiz5 yes its like that IRQ_NOT_LESS_NOT_EQUAL.. all silly stuff like that :(

  AMD 4 ever 09:11 29 Jun 2003

I would reformat now. this should stop the chipset confusion and other irq driver conflicts.

  iamlee 10:09 29 Jun 2003

ok buddy.. will do soon as i backed up some stuff

I agree with AMD 4 ever, I have the newy Gigabyte GA7 NNXP with all the bells and whistles you could think of and I still get the occasional BSOD.

I have found the board to be very susceptable to heat and have had to install extra cooling even though the CPU temp is reported (Aida32) as being 40 Deg C.

Also, how many sticks of Ram do you have? Are they identical?

My problem is reported by Microsoft (after Error report) as being a Driver Conflict so a fresh install from scratch may help. Also, if you are installing the Raid Driver try leaving that off for the time being to eliminate it as the cause.

  iamlee 10:29 29 Jun 2003

Hey... I Got 3 Memory Sticks Totalling 768DDR Ram.... Which Operating System Would You Say To Put Back On?

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