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  old fogey 20:26 26 Jul 2004

Hi hope someone can help with what is probably a simple problem !

The organisation I work for have just had 6 brand new Dell Optimum? computers installed all running Win XP pro. Four of the computers are for the local community groups to use for free, however one of these computers is specifficaly for use by the visually impaired. The computers have been set up with customer accounts and an administrator account and we can only install programmes by logging on as an admin. I have installed a programme (for the visually impaired text to speech and screen magnification) and it works wonderfully if I log on as admin but it does not seem to have installed in the customer accounts. As the programme cost nearly £1k my boss is not amused so does anyone know how I can get this programme to work on all accounts and not just the administrator account.

  howard60 20:29 26 Jul 2004

normally there is a box to tick in the properties of the prog for all users.

  [email protected] 20:45 26 Jul 2004

Does an error message appear when you run it off the other accounts or does it just seem to not exist?

If the second one, go to the program files folder and make a shortcut to the exe file that runs the program so that it can be run off the limited account by simply double clicking the shortcut to it

  old fogey 20:51 26 Jul 2004

howard60 and [email protected]
Thanks for your replies I will try them in the morning when I get to work. If they work it should stop old grumpy (the boss) getting on my back.

ps [email protected] no error message the programme simply does not exist in the "all programmes" menu

  [email protected] 20:53 26 Jul 2004

You could also move the shortcut to that program from the C:\Documents and Settings\*ADMIN USER NAME*\Desktop to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop so that the shortcut is on the desktop on every account that is made.

This can also be done to the start menu by moving the folder from C:\Documents and Settings\*ADMIN USER NAME*\Start Menu\Programs to the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs in the same way

HTH, David

  old fogey 21:01 26 Jul 2004

[email protected] once again thank you for your response you have made an old fogey happy.


  TomJerry 22:12 26 Jul 2004

[email protected]'s solution is only half of equation.

If you still cannot run it, you need to set diretcory's security setting. Set all directoreis with the program to want to run to allow the user full access.

  old fogey 19:44 27 Jul 2004

[email protected] thanks for your help yesterday but still cannot access programme I get the message "supernova is not registered" when I try to use it as a customer. I have registered the programme with dolphin the programme makers so I guess that it means some other kind of registration!

TomJerry (love the name) thank you for your suggestion but I do not know how to access directory security (as you can guess I am not the most profficient with computers but I am slowly learning).

  TomJerry 20:37 27 Jul 2004

"supernova is not registered" could mean two things.

(1) The program is not registered for this user in windows registry. By changing directory security may solbe the program. (a) Find which directory the program is installed (b) From "My computer" find that directory, right click select "Properties". (c) select "security" tab and add the user and set security for this user. You may need to do this for all sub-directories. Some program's problem can be solved by this.

The simplest solution is to change this user to an Adminisrator by change group policy. At least you need to make this use a power user.

(2) Some programs treat each user account as a different user. This means that the program does not allow user account B to use the program if the program is installed by user account A. The solution is register the program again. If you talk to program's maker, they should normally allow this. By the way, the program maker may be able to help you to solve the problem.

I think you do not need to but the package again. If the problem is caused by directory access control, you may not able to install it even you buy another copy.

  old fogey 20:57 27 Jul 2004

TomJerry thanks will try changing directory security if that fails will contact the maker heres hoping!

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