Windows XP -Address Book "missing" Tools>Options

  jbsandown 23:32 15 Mar 2005

On my old pc running WinME, I was able to use MS OUTLOOK 2000 for my diary and contacts -with automatic synchronisation with Windows "Address Book" application. In those days, when I opened Address book, and clicked on TOOLS -I had an entry called "Options" -and this enabled me to select Data-Sharing where I could "share contact among MS Outlook and other applications. Very handy!

I've now upgaded all to Win XP (home)/OUTLOOK 2001 -and succesfully migrated my contact data via the excellent CSV export routine. I would still like to have my contact info originated in OUTLOOK but "shared" with Win Address book. But the Win XP Address book prog appears not to have any provision for "Options" under Tools!

How do I configure my new system to invoke this very useful contact share facility?

Thanks for reading.....all help greatfully received..JB

  wideboy 23:40 15 Mar 2005

I am also running XP but with outlook 2003, however there can't be too much difference. I f you go into the tools menu, if see a couple of arrows at the bottom of the menu click on them and it should expand your menu. Hopefully you'll find the options menu there.

  wideboy 23:44 15 Mar 2005

Sorry jbsandown. Just re-read your post, and have realised i've just post a load of complete nonsense, and for that I humbly apologise, I'm not even looking at the right program.

  hugh-265156 23:48 15 Mar 2005

this may be long winded and there may be a easier way but here is how i do this :-)

open your outlook contacts and then click 'file/import and export' and choose 'export to a file' click next and choose 'comma seperated values(windows)' click next and choose your desktop for example to save it as a .csv file. close outlook.

open your windows address book and click 'file/import' then choose 'other address book' choose text file(comma seperated values)' and click import. browse to the file you saved and click next then select the info you wish to import.

works for me. hope that helps.

  jbsandown 20:58 16 Mar 2005

Thanks Huggyg71. I'm aware of the routine you describe -it's a simple export/import run. The problem is that is just a "one-time" (snapshot) copy. What I used to have is, a continuous and automatic update betweenthe two! -But thanks!

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