Windows XP add remove programme doesnt populate

  mrtreacle 20:24 22 Mar 2006


First post on forum so here's hoping
PC running Win XP does not populate add remove programmes screen when accessed

Just says populating but only shows white space i have waited for 30 mins plus any ideas please ?


  mammak 20:30 22 Mar 2006

Welcome mrtreacle I have no clue at this point but will keep you at the top I am sure someone will be able to help good luck mammak.

  VoG II 20:37 22 Mar 2006

click here and scroll down to 'Add or Remove - White Space'.

  mammak 20:48 22 Mar 2006

Thats a good one VoG™ saved for own reference.

  mrtreacle 15:17 26 Mar 2006

Hi thanks for help so far tried the VoG advice and couldnt find any minus figures in registry
Also couldnt see what the last programme installed was as per the link advice

Is there any other means of solving this one please ?

  johnnyrocker 15:28 26 Mar 2006

system restore to prior to problem?


  mahalo 16:14 26 Mar 2006

I had this problem, never did get the programs back in the white box, I only have recently installed items. System recovery did not help, I'm only saying this, in case the same happens to you and it may be anything you have done. Hope you get it sorted. Cheers

  mahalo 16:18 26 Mar 2006

That should have read System Restore !

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