Windows XP Activation Problems

  big_papa_boogaloo 15:33 09 May 2004

i was recently given a copy (ORIGINAL) of windows XP and when it comes to activating, it wont let me. when i ring, it says that the "activation id has not been verified". so i am put through to an advisor, they try and tell me that on their screens that the number supplied "is invalid" when i click on "Change Product Key" the activation id stays the same. i cannot activate it and i wont be able to use it in 28 days!

  big_papa_boogaloo 15:34 09 May 2004

forgot to add, it was freshly installed on a Dell CPiA laptop with a brand new hard drive.(the old one was defective and previously had win98 but has been replaced)

  Lozzy 15:36 09 May 2004

Sounds like a dodgy CD Version to me!!! Is it an original CD?? Or is it a copy?

  Mikè 15:38 09 May 2004

Are you sure that your copy is not currently installed on another computer?

  big_papa_boogaloo 15:09 10 May 2004

this is a brand new cd no copy, is still in original packing

  Djohn 15:19 10 May 2004

Did you purchase your XP through a well know/established supplier? If so it will be OK to disclose their name in the forum. If not, did you purchase from ebay or similar or a private source?

If from a private source please do not name the source. J

  big_papa_boogaloo 19:57 11 May 2004

in reply to what Djohn has asked, it was given to me by a friend. it is no copy, im not lying. it has all the original packaging, books, wrapping etc...
i havent aquired this illigally.

  Djohn 20:55 11 May 2004

No, we are not suggesting that you did, just trying to help you sort your problem. I don't doubt your word that it's a legal disk with product key but if everything is in order then it should activate, even if it's an OEM version.

When you spoke to Microsoft and they say the product key is "Invalid" this could mean several things without placing any blame on you.

Has your friend taken XP off his/her machine before giving you the disk? If not then it will still be registered to that PC, especially if your friend has recently updated from the Microsoft site. If it has been removed from their PC ask him/her to phone Microsoft and confirm this, they [Microsoft] will help if they can.

Another reason for the disk being invalid is because it is on a cooperate licence and not intended for home use. Also make sure that the Product key number you are attempting to use is given in the correct sequence. You may be mistaking 0 for o or D even. The characters are quite small and easy to mis-read.

The product key should be 5 blocks of 5 numbers/letters. Is yours like this?

[Please don't post your number in the forum though].

I'm not sure what else to suggest, normally I would say phone Microsoft and they will sort the problem for you but you have already tried this route. If you are certain that the disk is valid and not under one of the restrictions I mention above then try phoning again and see if they are prepared to explain why it isn't valid.

Good luck, wish I could help further. j.

  big_papa_boogaloo 09:47 13 May 2004

thanks Djohn for the reply, i will try what you have said and get bach to you.

  big_papa_boogaloo 11:42 22 May 2004

hi, i have done what Djohn has said but nothing has improved. i still cant activate it. i called windows tech support, they told me to use the Upgrade feature on the xp disc, then try and activate it but still cant.
is there no way to bypass this?

  big_papa_boogaloo 11:43 22 May 2004

will it help if i told you that the disc was one that was shipped with another computer?
it says "to be distributed with a Fujitsu Siemens computer"?

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