Windows XP Activation

  pa1916 11:27 04 Jul 2010

Never had a problem with this old copy of WXP before but for some reason it keeps generating wrong ID numbers i have two activation keys but both keep getting rejected via phone they are both genuine

  birdface 11:36 04 Jul 2010

Have you checked the COA sticker on the side of the computer that usually has the proper keycode on it, it will also give you what version should be installed.
Or maybe if you have changed the hard drive it may not be recognized.

  Atlantic Man 11:39 04 Jul 2010

well- most pirated keys has been disabled- think microsoft did a clean up & organize type thing. Also if it is genuine then it could be that someone has stolen your key and registered it to their own PC, that may cause microsoft to see it as piracy. It could also be that you used a SATA-fix XP disk which does not need to be activated. cheers

  pa1916 11:59 04 Jul 2010

Thanks for that i should point out to buteman that this was a full version upgrade at the time and did not come with the then computer recovery disk.i Had two Hard Drives on my new computer one with W7 and the other i hoped with WXP that does not look possible now.

  pa1916 14:26 04 Jul 2010

Did get it to work in the end but required a bit of shall we say work in the Microsoft software part of the registory.
EEK not recomended it took a while.

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