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  BIGXXH 14:56 15 May 2013

Hi All

Please could somebody help me i have just scrapped a computer that had XP installed so the question is can i put that operating system on my laptop instead of windows 7 as i have read some were that it can only be put on the original machine,i have the product key of the old computer so would i have any problems.

                                Thanks In Advance

  northumbria61 14:59 15 May 2013

a computer that had XP installed Can only be installed on the Original Machine - OEM version - not transferable.

  northumbria61 15:01 15 May 2013

I cannot understand why you would want to replace Windows 7 with XP anyway. It is a backwards step in my opinion.

  spuds 15:07 15 May 2013

Transferring would all depend on the licence for the product, whether it was originally installed (when purchased)on the computer (with possibly a boot-up disk included), a OEM or a main product operating system purchased on its own?.

  BIGXXH 15:35 15 May 2013

Hi All

The computer came with windows installed but it also had the windows disc with it and the (product No) on the side of the machine so would that make any difference if i wanted to put it on another machine.As i have said i scrapped the original and am haveing trouble with windows7 and i don't have a disc for that hope that makes sence.

                     Thanks BIGXXH
  Jollyjohn 15:41 15 May 2013

W XP will install on another PC even if it is an OEM version, You are breaking the licence agreement but I have yet to have a problem re activating Windows XP when I have installed it on a different PC.

Keep the sticker off the scrapped PC - it will not come off easily - easier to keep the side panel!

  lotvic 15:50 15 May 2013

Before you do anything with XP you had better make sure that all the XP Drivers for your laptop are available.

If laptop came with W7 installed you should have a program on there that will burn the recovery DVDs for a re-install. Tell us the make and model and we can advise.

If all else fails you can download and burn the official MS W7 DVD from link on

  Ian in Northampton 16:03 15 May 2013

"I cannot understand why you would want to replace Windows 7 with XP anyway. It is a backwards step in my opinion."

I run an XP machine and a W7 machine side-by-side, and continue to massively prefer XP... Each to his own, Northumbria61 :-)

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  BIGXXH 19:06 16 May 2013

Hi All

Got it sorted now put windows xp on laptop and all worked, sorry for being late with this post but work takes up a lot of one's time to my regret thank's all for your input will be in touch again i expect as there are always problems that need shareing.


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