Windows XP

  hotant 17:46 21 Mar 2005

I have a retail copy of XP home and what i like to know is i have built a new pc with some of the bits from my old pc can i load Windows XP retail on my new pc.

  Completealias 17:54 21 Mar 2005

You will need to uninstall your copy of xp off any other machines b4 u install it on the new one

  rawprawn 18:13 21 Mar 2005

If you have canniblised your old PC, and it is now defunct I see no reason not to load your XP

  Fingees 21:12 21 Mar 2005

Make sure you set bios to boot from your CD when you go to install. You can then format hard drive and install without problem.

If you try to instal without booting from CD, you may find the CD may refuse to install, as there will be an operating system on the disk

  Buchan 35 22:09 21 Mar 2005

No reason in the world why not, go for it.

  alan227 22:15 21 Mar 2005

A retail copy can be installed on another computer provided it has been taken of the previous computer.
An OEM copy can only be installed on one computer and cannot be transferred.

So just do it.

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