Windows XP 100% CPU Usage

  beaky 22:49 24 Feb 2003

Whenever I start my computer afresh it is sluggish and in the Windows Task Manager the CPU usage is shown at 100% - the majority of which is taken up with a user named System. When I try to turn off the computer it hangs in Standby and I have to switch the mains off. When I switch the mains back on it starts up without having to be switched on and the CPU usage is as it should be - around 2% and all works fine. Anyone any clues as to the gremlins at work here?

  cdb 23:14 24 Feb 2003

what's the image name that's using all the resources? It might be something you can get rid of.

  jazzypop 23:15 24 Feb 2003

CPU usage - when you press ctrl-alt-del and click the processes tab, as you know you see a list of all the running processes, whether they are started by the User or by XP ( system, how much memory they are using, and how much CPU usage.

The titles across the top (Image name, user name, cpu, mem usage etc) are actually headers that can be used to sort the list below. Therefore, if you click the CPU header, you will sort them highest to lowest. Click again, and they are listed lowest to highest.

Can you report back the name of the process(es) with the highest usage?

Slow startup - if you go to Start > Run, and type 'msconfig' (without quotes and hit Enter, then select the Startup tab, you will see a list of all the programs that are automatically started when you boot up.

You can untick all of the boxes there (make a note of which ones you do), then restart. If your problems are gone, one of the programs in that list is the gremlin. Re-tick them two or three at a time, and reboot - you will soon find your culprit.

Finally, if that does not work, right-click My Computer, choose Manage, and then Event Viewer. Click on the Application and System headings (you may need to click the '+' sign next to Event Viewer to see them). Any problems will be highlighted with a yellow exclamation mark (advisory) or red cross (serious).

Post back with any information you uncover if you need further explanation after doing this.

A list of startup programs that you may see in msconfig can be found at click here

  cdb 22:24 25 Feb 2003

The image name is system and the process name is system.

  jazzypop 23:45 25 Feb 2003

Received by email...
"Thanks for your response.

Windows Task Manager shows the Image as System and the Process as System, and is shown at anywhere within the 90%s. Familiar with msconfig - thanks Computer management log shows that most sessions have two red errors against source "W32 Time".

Now and again ACPI comes up with an error.

Any ideas?"

As a general point, it is more helpful to you if you reply using the message box at the bottom of the screen, rather than by using the email envelope icon. That way, everyone can see the progress of the thread, and contribute as they see fit.

W32Time is the service that synchronises the PC clock with a time server via the Web. If you double-click the clock in the system tray and choose the Internet Time tab, try unticking the 'Automatically synchronize...' box. If there is a problem with the synchronisation, that could be causing the hang at bootup.

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