Windows won't start in any mode

  User-88C275E8-EB03-4BC4-A4366AF1623A2182 13:59 01 Jun 2006

I have been trouble shooting a problem whereby my pc just shuts itself down for no obvious reason. I have checked all the obvious possibilities such as CPU running too hot, corrupt BIPS etc. I have now formatted the hard drive and reloaded Windows which has gone onto the HD. This time, when the computer shut itself off it fails to reboot in any mode. I get the screen telling me Windows could not start properly but whiever option I use, safe mode, last good configuration etc the PC just shuts down again before attempting another reboot. There is currently nothing on the hard drive apart from XP. I have flashed the BIOS and the motherboard is set to default configurations. Could the graphics card be causing a shutdown even before the PC gets into Windows? I can't think what else it could be. I am running an Athlon 64bit 3600 chip on an Asus A8V Deluxe motherboard. Both are less than a year old. The GFX card is a GeForce 420, 5 years old. If anyone has any suggestions it would be helpful, I don't knaow what else to try

  howard63 19:55 01 Jun 2006

try changing the hard drive jumper - from master to cable select or vice versa - this might be the problem. I have 1 hard drive which behaves like this when on master but it is perfect on cable select.

  Terry Brown 20:26 01 Jun 2006

I suggest you return to a basic system..
Set up the system with just the onboard graphic card (if it has one), 1 hard drive and nothing else (i.e remove network card, floppy drive(Unplug), 2nd hard drive (unplug), CD roms (unplug), you get the idea.

If this works, add components one at a time until the problem occurs. I know this is a long way round, but you will find out what is OK and what is causing the problem.

  LivEviL 20:39 01 Jun 2006

i agree with terry brown


if u have another hard drive handy try puttin xp on that and see if its alright?

coz if it was the graphics wouldnt it not let u install windows in the first place?

have u checked all ur fans are clean and moving! try openin the case and starting up (dont touch anything) and just watch it to see whats going on!


Thanks for the suggestions so far and I will try Terry's idea I had two hard drives installed and I have formatted the D drive and reloaded XP on it just in case the C drive was faulty and removed the C drive. My system set up has not changed for nearly a year so whatever is causing this has to be a failure of an existing component which is why I suspected the GFX card.

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