Windows wont continue installation after reboot

  jameswalpole 20:06 11 Apr 2006

got a strange fault, I'm trying to upgrade my kids PC to XP from 98se, I begin the installation process and every thing is fine until it attempts to restart for the first time during the process, then it just hangs on the setup screen.

Exactly the same thing happens when I try using the 6 floppy disc technique too.

I'm scratching my head over this one !

  User-312386 20:44 11 Apr 2006

Is the system set to boot from cd in the BIOS?

  jameswalpole 22:49 11 Apr 2006

i have tried various boot sequences and none make any difference

  ashdav 00:40 12 Apr 2006

Is the spec of the computer capable of taking XP ?
If it's been running 98 it probably hasn't got enough memory/speed/compliant BIOS.
Can you give any more details ?

  jameswalpole 06:54 12 Apr 2006

Yep is fully compatible with XP. 2.2ghz Athlon, 1 gig of RAM,I've had XP on it in the past but my kids games wouldn't run on it so i downgraded to 98se, now they are ready for XP so thats why I'm up grading.

Its a strange fault as it happens both when I choose upgrage to XP from within 98se or if I use the XP floppy boot disk, it just gets to the blue set up screen and stops.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:12 12 Apr 2006

Have you tried to format the hard disk and then run the installation routine by booting from the CD?

  jameswalpole 17:20 12 Apr 2006

Haven't tried reformatting yet as at the moment the machine will run to a degree in 98se, and if I reformat and it doesn't work then I'll be stuffed !

However I might have to anyway if I can't find a solution.

A work mate suggested clearing the internal Cache or clearing the CMOS, any other suggestions ????

  wobblymike 19:10 12 Apr 2006

In my experience what you are trying to do is fraught with problems especially conflicting drivers.
I have to agree with the guys above reformat and do a clean XP installation.

  Rtus 20:44 12 Apr 2006

Try using a program like Partition magic boot to it at startup view partitions & delete all found (xp leaves a seperate partition Hidden on first part of Hd)after removal close PM down Dont create a partition ,Place win XP cd in tray ready ,Re start using CTRL+Alt+DEL then run Xp to fresh instal direct from Cd It will give option to create partion /format into NTFS for you. it should run right through no problems.

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