Windows wireless network

  bangers 20:27 13 Sep 2006

How do I diable the windows wireless network feature as I am using my own wan drivers. Every time I put the network adapter in it brings up the windows wireless network box. I have tried unticking the use window networks box but it gives me a message saying my changes were unsuccessful. I tried using the windows networks but it didn't work either. It only happens using Windows Pro SP2 on normal windows pro it is fine. Help please it is driving me insane.!!!

  ade.h 20:42 13 Sep 2006

Your post is unclear. Could you clarify what you would like to happen and what actually happens? Tell us what make/model and type of adapter you use and whether its own (superfluous) management software is installed? You say that you are using your own drivers (the manufacturer's drivers presumably!) but that is precisely where Windows' WZC actually comes into play. Yet it appears that you don't want to use it.

  bangers 20:50 13 Sep 2006

The adaper is pen type the manufacturer is OCE I think. What happens is I have installed Win Pro SP2 and the wireless network stopped wotking so I reinstalled the drivers for the adapter. I cannot use Window Wireless Networking because it will find the network but not connect. Even when I add the network manually it won't connect. In the Windows networking tab there is an option to disable the windows networking and use my own programme but unticking this brings an error message "some of your changes could not be made" and just go back to windows networking box still ticked.

  ade.h 20:56 13 Sep 2006

Okay. Firstly, the connection issue is likely to be a simple one if you want to try solving it with our input. If you do need to disable WZC, you will need to run the Services management console (run services.msc) and disable it from there. Try that first.

But... there is a good reason for not doing so and that is because Windows works better when WZC is left in charge and no 3rd-party software is involved. I think we should try to tackle the connection issue at its source before you have to make do with bandaid fixes.

OCE has not crossed my radar, so I can't comment on its quality or otherwise; but if I have to use a USB adapter, I usually opt for the excellent 3Com adapters. You should consider replacing it with something else as a backup option if we can't fix your problem.

You'll also need to let me know what client firewall you use.

  bangers 21:08 13 Sep 2006

Thanks for your help but I don't know the actual make as I have thrown the packet away and the only id on the adapter is NLWL-USB01. Unfortunately it is on my son's computer and he has gone out (Typical)and turned it off (guess what it is passworded). I will uninstall the manufacturers software and try just plugging the usb in for it to find it could be a conflict in the two programme. I just fund it bizarre that it work fine on SP! but not SP2. If this doesn't work I will post another subject tomorrow. Thanks again.

  ade.h 21:20 13 Sep 2006

SP2 made changes to the mechanics of the networking system and related services. Follow my advice here > click here to remove the manufacturer's software if any is present. You must only have either that or WZC installed and active at any one time.

Don't forget the firewall.

See how you get on and I'll catch up with this thread tomorrow.

  bangers 19:21 14 Sep 2006

Thanks for the advice son came home early last night and i removed the manufacturers software but windows still wasn't playing so I stopped the WZC in services and installed the software again and bingo it worked like a dream. the only problem now id a svchost is using all the processing power until I stop it in task manager. If only my son looked after his pc as I do mine he wouldn't have these problems. He thinks he is invicible but the virus writer will prove him wrong!!. Again thanks.

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