windows window opens at every startup

  User-194862 23:48 29 Jul 2004

My OS is Windows ME. Every time I turn on my computer a Window Appears with ‘windows’ in the title bar – which is greyed out, and all the folders and files listed below. I can close the window easily enough but it is really annoying. Also, while I’m using my computer, if I right click on the start button and then click explore, The window Title bar shows ‘c:\windows\start menu’. In the list below the start menu programs folder is open and highlighted showing the ‘programs’ subfolder underneath. The two files listed on the right are ‘programs’ ( file folder ) and beneath that ‘windows update’ ( shortcut ). I collapse the list but when I explore again it is back to how it was before.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:52 29 Jul 2004

Have you got anything in your startup folder that is loading at bootup?...TT

  User-194862 23:56 29 Jul 2004

Broadband Medic is the only thing showing

  THE TERMINATOR 00:45 30 Jul 2004

what happens if you remove this to another folder, so it does not launch at startup?...TT

  beeuuem 01:10 30 Jul 2004

Go to search for files or folders. In the box asking for the file or folder name, type in "win.ini" without the exclamation marks i.e. win.ini
You should find one file, which will open in the notebook program.
In line 3 of the file, is the word run followed by an equals sign and possibly some other characters, followed by a full stop. It is the full stop which causes the problem. Erase the full stop, and save the file by clicking on file (top left) and save.
In my file, the line looked like this;
When changed, it should read;
You need to find the file 'Win.ini',which is in the Windows folder, using Explorer or 'Find'. Double click on the file which will open in Notepad. The first four lines of the file should read





If there is anything at all behind the 'run=' (it might only be a full stop) remove it. Any text behind this command will cause the Windows folder to open. Reboot and all should be well.

  User-194862 20:14 30 Jul 2004

Thanks to both of you. Terminator, I uninstalled Broadband Medic which I guess would have the same effect but it made no difference.

Beeuuem, you're brilliant, it worked immediately. Many thanks.

  beeuuem 21:31 30 Jul 2004

When you right click on Start and go to Explore you are actually asking Windows Explorer to 'explore' the Start menu which is why it opens the way it does.
If you want Explorer to open in the C: drive either open from the Program list or find the Explorer.exe file in the Windows folder and create a shortcut on the Desktop.

Glad to hear the 'cure' worked for the Windows opening problem.

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