Windows will sometimes not start up

  xHalox 18:34 22 Jan 2009

Sometimes my Windows XP won't start up. When this happens the little green light right under my DISC drive is flashing on and off and then when Windows is loading it just wont load and my screen goes all black and just stays like that. After that happens I have to shut it down and restart it, this time when the computer starts up it makes me choose from a couple of different options like "start windows normally", "restart windows from last resent settings that worked" etc. (those may not be exact words but they are close) So after I choose one of the options it starts up fine. Anyone know what is wrong and if it could be fixed?

  birdface 18:43 22 Jan 2009

It could be caused by dust and fluff blocking the air vents.if so inside will also need cleaning.Or maybe the PSU getting ready to go.Try Device manager and make sure there are no yellow exclamation marks beside any of you drivers.

  xHalox 09:43 23 Jan 2009

where do I go for device manager?

  Diemmess 10:46 23 Jan 2009

For device manager:
Start> control panel > system > hardware > device manager.

If the problem occurs immediately from startup it is unlikely to be dust or dirt (which can cause overheating), and intermittent faults can be difficult to trace.
Worth looking at device manager for any yellow triangle/s.

Otherwise accept the start with last good configuration and be sure all leads are well plugged in.

  xHalox 21:42 23 Jan 2009

I checked device manager and there is no yellow triangles. I believe the problem starts when windows is loading because it shows it's loading then it just stops and my screen goes black and then nothing happens. When this is happening the little green light under my DISC drive is flashing on and off. I can tell when the computer is going to do this because that little green light under my DISC drive always turns on when I turn on the computer and flashes for like a few secs then it'll turn off but when this problem is going to happen the light doesn't turn off it keeps on flashing. Oh, and now that you mention the little yellow triangles I just noticed today a yellow triangle come up on the bottom right corner of my screen where the oher icons are but I dont know what it is because it dissapears quickly.

  birdface 11:02 24 Jan 2009

Have you tried running your security programs.Make sure you have not left a disc in one of the drives.If it has just started recently have you added any new programs.Maybe a system restore to an earlier date might help.

  xHalox 22:46 25 Jan 2009

How do I run my security programs and what will running them do? Oh, and I did put a new Video Card into my computer, could that be the problem?

  gazzaho 03:59 26 Jan 2009

You don't specify which Windows, Vista or XP. The reason I mention it is that my Vista machine hangs for about 2 minutes after the progress bar goes off screen and the display is blank, when I first got the machine I thought it had crashed when the screen went blank, then realised it was something causing the boot process to pause. This only happens with USB external hard drives attached, when I remove them and just use the internal drive then the system boots normally and fast. I still haven't found the problem and just live with a slow booting machine, with drives attached that is.

Have you tried leaving the machine to run for a couple of minutes after the blank screen appears to see if it eventually boots? Or if you have external devices attached, have you tried removing them? It might be worth checking.

  gazzaho 04:00 26 Jan 2009

Sorry disregard the Windows version statement, I really need to get my glasses changed lol.

  cocteau48 08:05 26 Jan 2009

"I still haven't found the problem and just live with a slow booting machine, with drives attached that is."
So far as I am aware this is quite normal.

  xHalox 10:09 26 Jan 2009

what would be some external devices i might have attached to my computer?

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