Windows will not start

  Farleyjim 14:04 26 Oct 2007

I have just reinstalled Roxio Easy CD 6 which I used to use.
When I went to reboot, the Windows opening Logo started and after 4 runs of the "blue squares" the machine started to reboot again. I have Norton Go Back on my machine and I restored "successfully" back to first switch on this morning. However, the same problem still exists. When I try to start in safe mode I get a whole list of Windows files scroll down the screen and then it tries to reboot again. I'm going round in circles. Has anybody any ideas please?

  martjc 14:32 26 Oct 2007

...when trying to enter safe mode is normal. Give it time - you may get into safe mode yet. Sometimes takes up to five minutes to start properly. By "four runs of the blue squares, do you mean blue screen error messages? If so, try to get the error report and tell us it.

  Mavisk 14:41 26 Oct 2007

As a last resort,after you've tried everything else, and if you are using XP and you have the XP disc, you
could try a repair installation click here
It should keep all your data intact,but you'll have to download all your windows updates again.

  Tony 16:28 26 Oct 2007

I have had little luck with the repair installation option. Sometimes I have removed the hd and put into another xp xomputer as a secondary drive. Then go to My computer and right click the drive then select PROPERTIES, TOOLS, ERROR CHECKING. Works for me. What do others think.

  Tony 16:34 26 Oct 2007

A friend has tried to do a clone disk with Norton Ghost 2003. He did a couple of things wrong: no updates after installing ghost and tried to clone a 500gb drive onto a 250gb drive.
It booted into dos and started copying. It halted with an error which he did not record.

Now it will reboot into the run ghost or run windows - but neithr will work. I got him to unplug and then restart but still the same.

The suggestions on the NOrton site lost him completely. How can we get it back please?

  Tony 16:35 26 Oct 2007


  Tony 16:35 26 Oct 2007


  Farleyjim 17:20 26 Oct 2007

My last response seems to have gone missing, so I'll try again.
Martjc, The list which comes up contains......WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Drivers........ whenever I try any of the SAFE mode boots. After about five seconds the computer starts to boot up all over again.
When I try "Start Windows normally" and "Last Known good configuration" I get the WINDOWS logo page up as if it is going to boot up OK but after a couple of runs of the three blue squares across the bottom, it stops and there is a blue screen which appears for about 10milliseconds, not enough for me to read it, and everything starts all over again.
Mavisk, I did as you said and put the XP Home disk in to try a repair and before I knew it , all the WINDOWS setup files were loading. There did not seem to be an option for repairing. I have developed an even worse problem as a result because The computer now tells me that there is an error loading operating system. I am now, of course, desperate. Does somebody pleaseknow where I go from here?

  Farleyjim 19:39 26 Oct 2007

Is there a way around "Error loading Operating System"? Without that I don't know a way forward.

  lotvic 23:35 26 Oct 2007

Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step click here
you didn't let it get far enough, the repair option is not shown until after the EULA

  martjc 13:17 27 Oct 2007 in lotvic's link. You must have the machine booting from other than the HDD before going any further. Post back when this is achieved.

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