Windows Vista/7 Backup vs. Acronis True Image?

  Tinkey Winkey 23:15 01 Oct 2009

Windows Vista & 7 have a backup feature, so is it worth getting Acronis True Image?

Does Acronis True Image do stuff that the Windows backup can't?

  morddwyd 07:23 02 Oct 2009

Don't know about much technical detail, but I find Acronis easier to use.

  rawprawn 07:49 02 Oct 2009

As far as I am aware Windows Backup will only backup Data. If you have a system problem you need Acronis.
I will always rely on Acronis.

  mooly 08:24 02 Oct 2009

As per rawprawn. Isn't it just ultimate versions of Vista, W7 ? that have disk imaging.
And if you can't access Windows you can't use it.
Acronis Acronis Acronis everytime.

  woodchip 09:02 02 Oct 2009

MS Tools are always cut down lite versions, You cannot beet Acronis if you use it to Create Image Files to Restore From. The Latest Version of Acronis also allows booting from a Image without Restoring it

  woodchip 09:03 02 Oct 2009

beat not beet

  sunnystaines 09:08 02 Oct 2009

vista ultimate images the whole C drive like any ghost / acronis program just does not have a few of the extras.

  mooly 12:13 02 Oct 2009

"vista ultimate images the whole C drive like any ghost / acronis program just does not have a few of the extras."

But what if you can't boot into windows? How do you run it then, with Acronis you can use the CD to boot from the BIOS screen and access and reinstall the disk image file.

  Zeppelyn 13:05 02 Oct 2009


In emergency you run it from the repair options included on the DVD. Acronis every time for me, I do have a Vista Ultimate back up on an external drive but Windows always reports no back ups exist.

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