Windows Vista to XP.

  PC_Qs 21:34 04 Jan 2008

hi have have just bought a sony laptop click here and cannot stand VISTA. It is too difficult to use and just slow me down completely.

I was looking into how to downgrade Vista to XP. There are some uuseful instructions. Please can someone help. I also tried to look for the driver on the Sony website but there are none that i can use. I will need this if i manage to installl Windows XP such LAN driver to use the internet.

click here

Can anyone help with how to downgrade to XP and where i can find drivers (LAN drive) etc to run once i get XP installed.

  Joe R 22:15 04 Jan 2008


you will have to have a retail copy of XP to change your O's, or buy an OEM copy.

  PC_Qs 22:18 04 Jan 2008

I have got a corporate version of XP. Can i just install the XP installation CD and run the installation. Would i also need to install driver once XP is installed? I have tried to search on the web for driver support on the sony website but cannot find any.

Please advise.

  aardtech 22:24 04 Jan 2008

first of all, believe me, it's not a 'downgrade' to XP - it's an upgrade. Vista is ****.

Personally if the drivers are not on the Sony website I'd just bite the bullet and format the sucker. You'll find the drivers somewhere, but it might be an idea to make sure you have another PC around in case the XP disc doesn't have the capability to get you onto the net post-format.

  PC_Qs 22:30 04 Jan 2008

lol Aardtech, i agree that Vista is a load of c***. I have a desktop which is on XP so that would be fine. Have anyone tried to downgrade (or update) to XP? What things should i take into account before making the change.

I thought ahead about driver support and cannot find the LAN driver for the model of my laptop.

Laptop model is as follow.

click here

  Devil Fish 22:38 04 Jan 2008

1st off create a bootable image of vista and burn it to disk in the event of it going pear shaped you will have a fall back

2nd make sure you source the relevant drivers and any sata drivers you may require

if you do not have a floppy drive make an image of your xp install disk on your hard drive then extract it to a folder just in case you have to slipstream aforementioned sata drivers into your install had to do this with AHCI drivers on an aspire lappy as xp would not recognise the hard drive

if you do need to slipstream a useful program

click here

and finally best of luck hope all goes well


  PC_Qs 23:30 04 Jan 2008

Devil Fish, i have cearted a recovery disc of the Vista. i do not understand the 2nd part. please elborate. How can i cope the driver. I only really need the LAN driver as this will get me access to the internet where i can do all the updates i need.

  Devil Fish 23:55 04 Jan 2008

when i took the apsire back from vista to xp they were using aN AHCI driver for the SAta drive
this driver was not available on the xp install disk so it would not recognise the hard drive

having put the drivers on my usb stick i was hoping to install via f6 during xp setup however this would only recognise a floppy drive which i did not have available

there for the only course of action was to slipstream the relevant driver into the xp install (import the driver into xp install)

Hence the link this may not apply to you but it is always wise to be prepared for worst case scenario

nlite will also create the install iso to burn to disk

  PC_Qs 00:04 05 Jan 2008

Devil fish. just to confirm, say if i save my XP installing on my desktop. do i download the nlite to extract the Serial ATA.

then where do i put the sata drive within the xp data. I am new at this and do not completely understand.

Please can you provide step by step instruction. I know it is alot to ask but i would be greatful for your help.

  Devil Fish 00:37 05 Jan 2008

from what i have gleaned on searching google Sony does not generally deploy AHCI on its laptops so you should not experience problems

even so locate the AHCI driver for your laptop before you wipe vista and save it in a folder on your desktop

should xp fail to find the xp disk upon install create an image of your xp disk on your desktop extract the image to a folder eg C:\XP winrar can do this click here

install nlite then open it select add file locate your AHCI driver in the folder you saved it to then press next a list of options will come up you require the drivers button click that then locate your i386 folder which should be in C:\XP click next this will slipstream the driver in to your xp install

when complete close nlite out

reopen nlite click next until options create iso click next when iso created close nlite out open yourcd/dvd burning suite select burn image then locate the image you have just created and burn to disk

you should then have an install disk complete with AHCI driver enabeling xp to see your hd

hope this helps


  zoobie 07:18 05 Jan 2008

MS is releasing the final update to xp this year...supposedly a 10% increase in speed

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