Windows Vista and Windows XP Network

  devonknows 14:32 02 Dec 2006

Hi ive got a Windows XP network on a 4 Port Wireless-G Linksys (Model WKPC54G) that has 2 PC's connected to it, and ive just introduced a third that has never had a network, but the unfortunate thing is, its on windows vista and ive tried but cant seem to set up a network on it, does anyone have any information or a Step By Step Guide available, or if someone could give me step by step instructions on how to install a new network via the RJ45 Cable (NotWireless). as the help files on networking that come with vista and all the rest of it are, well, words that should be forgotten. But any help anyone could provide, id me more than greatful,

Kind Regards

  mgmcc 20:40 02 Dec 2006

What are you trying to do with Vista - connect to the internet or share folders with other network computers?

It's difficult to suggest a solution because I didn't find Vista to be any different from XP when setting up networking (although I've never used the Windows wizards!) - I plugged in the cable to the router, shared the "Public" folder and I can access it from Windows XP (and from a Mac) and Vista can access those two computers.

At what point are you having a problem?

  devonknows 20:45 02 Dec 2006

it must have been somet wrong with my RJ45 cable as i changed cable, and now i have internet access, but ive got file and printer sharing turned on but the Windows XP machines can see each other and not the Vista and the Vista cant see the Windows XP Machines, but yet i have internet access and they are both on the same workgroup,

Ok when i go into Network and Sharing Center in vista, ive got

(This PC)
Main Network

  devonknows 20:48 02 Dec 2006

oops pressed enter on the wrong spot, ill carry on

  devonknows 20:50 02 Dec 2006

ive got in the top section

(This PC)
Main Network

Then it says -
Main Network(Private Network)
Access - Local Internet Security
Connection - Local Area Connection (View Status)

Network Discovery - ON
File Sharing - ON
Public Folder Sharing - ON
Printer Sharing - Off (No Printers Installed)
Password Protected Sharing - ON
Media Sharing - ON

Thats all it says in that window, i dont know if tahts any help to ye, but like i said just above, i got internet now, i just cant see any of the files? do i need to install something on the windows xp machine for this to work?

Kind Regards

  mgmcc 21:04 02 Dec 2006

This is what I have in the "Network & Sharing Center" click here

  MOMORRIS 19:24 13 Apr 2007

Did you ever sort this problem, as i appear to be having the identical problems. The Vista machine has access to the wireless router and ultimately to the internet but won't share folders with the existing xp machines. Tried everything.

  RonB 15:04 14 Apr 2007

There are many possible causes!
What anti virus software have u got? If its Norton Internet Security you may have to run the networking wizard in it on EACH machine so that they can see each other . Can you see the machines in "my network places - view workgroup computers? Also I have seen problems with using "simple file sharing and security" you may have to switch . Also for macines to appear on the network can take time (stupid but true!) enabling/installing netbios protocol on your network cards will speed up and sometimes cure probs with this

  Mel.Sutton 13:04 14 Jul 2007

Had similar problems when trying to share between Vista machines and one XP Pro SP2 pc on a wired lan.

Installing this Microsoft patch onto the XP pc enabled it to be 'seen' and appear alongside the Vista pc's in Vista's 'Network and Sharing Center'

Hope this also works for you...

click here

  MOMORRIS 20:18 09 Sep 2007

Sorted it. I isolated my router from the internet. Deactivated all the firewalls and used the windows network wizard to renew all my file sharing capabilities and create a settings disk. Once completed, i did a restart and checked all firewalls were back in place. Cheers all

  quinncolum 12:56 17 Nov 2008

I had a similar problem - my Vista machine could not connect to my XP machine on a Peer To Peer network. It could see it ok after I did the following:
- installed LLTD patch manually copying the files to the appropriate folders to bypass Service Pack 3 telling me that I wasnt allowed to install a patch older than SP3. That allowed me to see the XP machine on the Vista Network map but still couldnt access.
- Made sure workgroups were the same and that file permissions were all set to share. This still had no affect.
What finally fixed it for me was installing the Peer to Peer networking component. See the following page
click here

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs.

2.Click Add/Remove Windows Components.

3.In Components, click Networking Services (but do not select its check box), and then click Details.

4. Select the Peer-to-Peer check box, and then click OK.

5. Click Next, and then follow the instructions in the wizard.

Now maybe my solution was a combination of doing all these things but thankfully its now working.
Persist and you will get it!!

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