Windows Vista Upgrade

  Edward-207256 11:05 02 Sep 2007

I bought a Dell Pc about 2 weeks before Vista was released, it was Vista ready and included was an upgrade disk from Windows media Centre to Vista, sent on release. Within 3 weeks we had the vista disk but i decided not to install it until a few of the problems were resolved. About 3 months down the line i decided to upgrade to vista.

To do this, i made a fresh install of Media Centre, removing all files, starting fresh, then upgraded straight to Windows Vista.

During this upgrade, my harddrive collected 50Gig of sotrage, and i do not know where it all has come from.

There is now 53 gig or so on my harddrive, and during the time i had Windows Media Centre, i never exceeded 13gig.

Any ideas where this has come from?

  Quiller. 11:31 02 Sep 2007

when you made a fresh install of media centre did you format the drive?

Use treesize free to see what is using up the space on your drive. click here

  Edward-207256 17:49 02 Sep 2007

How would you format the drive.

I reinstalled, with a fresh reinstall, and there were no programs on the computer at all after the reinstallation. I even had to reinstall the drivers for the Network card etc.

  Edward-207256 17:55 02 Sep 2007

Also, it says on the TreeSize program i just downloaded, that i am only using 26 gigabites (still a large amount). It states that 9 gigabites is 'windows.old'. In it are my old programs, and documents.

I don't want these on my computer, will deleting them affect my computer?

  Quiller. 18:24 02 Sep 2007

What you have done is to just mirror the original installation of media center and left your old version intact.

You must decide what you want to do next, you may have various options.
You should be able to

install vista on a clean hard drive and leave all the baggage of media centre behind.

format the hard drive and load a clean version of media centre and then upgrade to vista.

You could format the hard drive and make a partition and load media centre on one partition and vista on the other.

the choice is yours and we can help you through the maze to your chosen choice of setup.

  Edward-207256 22:14 02 Sep 2007

ok, thanks for the advice, i may attempt the clean install of vista to leave the baggage behind.

I'll inform you if any problems crop up. Just a question, how do you clean the harddrive, totally?

Thanks in advance,


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