windows vista start up

  kingussie 18:43 20 Dec 2007

I have a sony vaio vgn tz170n bought in New York.
Start up is very slow about 10 mins and frequntly freezes when I have to control alt delete. Can someone suggest a remedy. I guess it would be removing some items from start up,but which ones and how does it affect the rest of the programs.As usual there is quite a lot of reduntant USA programs on the desktop. Any advice Please

  anskyber 19:04 20 Dec 2007

Certainly getting to grips with start up programs will help. 10 mins is stupid for a Vista boot so try uninstalling those you do not need and prevent others from starting, one by one if you are concerned to identify possible problems.

Control Panel, programs, control start up programs is a good start but the msconfig also works in Vista.

For more on that post back here if you need to.

  birdface 23:55 20 Dec 2007

If you have Norton as a freebie trial version.It might be better to remove it.What programs have you got running at start up.

  Sea Urchin 00:06 21 Dec 2007

Best way to control which programs start in Vista is, in my opinion click here

  kingussie 02:40 21 Dec 2007

Buteman Yes I have the trial version of norton but why would that slow the start up. Also after recovering from sleep takes at least two three minutes

  MCE2K5 02:51 21 Dec 2007

I had Norton on my Vaio Laptop, Soon kicked it into touch, It Hogs Memory and Resources. TOO Slow to startup & Shutdown.

  kingussie 09:45 21 Dec 2007

MCE2K5 can you recommend a better AV program for Vista please

  anskyber 10:48 21 Dec 2007

Free AV programs include AVG click here and Avast (which I use) click here. I use the built in Defender for spyware and the Vista Firewall and so far so good.

Once a month I do a scan with Superantispyware click here and there are other free scanners which are Vista compliant.

There are some excellent paid for programs which work in Vista if you prefer to pay.

  kingussie 01:30 22 Dec 2007

Thanks for that and I will delete Norton after trial or even before. Having changed start up programs there is a noticeable difference but I still have delays in switching between screens

  MCE2K5 02:41 22 Dec 2007

Read this, click here

Norton Removal Tool, click here

  birdface 11:58 22 Dec 2007

Remember to run the Norton removal tool.Then i would run C Cleaner to get rid of any bits left over.If downloading AVG Make sure that you do not set it to run at start up as it will slow your computer down.Avg has a great little tool on it so when you run a scan on it you just tick the little square on the screen and it powers down itself when the scan is finished.So if you are going out anywhere just tick the square and it runs the scan and closes down the computer after it has finished.Its a pity that other programs don't do the same.Now a few of my dislikes that have been recommended.Avast.Defender.I am not sure about Superantispyware,But the first two run all the time and take up a % of your CPU and could pottentionally slow your computer down.As I have got an old computer I stay away from programs like that.It may be Ok on a new computer but not mine.Defender I just don't like unless it has changed dramatically in the last couple of years it did nothing and in polls on PCA years ago as little as 40% liked it.Not a good average for me.AVG and Avast most users that use them Like them and usually stay with what one they have picked.I did download Avast on my grandaughters computer but I will stick with AVG.

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