Windows Vista 'Not Responding'

  ipodofdoom 16:34 23 Jul 2010

Recently my Acer Aspire 5315 has been acting up, especially with Mozilla Firefox, almost every 10 mins, it would 'Not Responding', and my Adobe Flash Player keeps crashing for unknown reasons, I keep it updated and I have plenty of memory on my computer. It was never this slow before, it started around a couple of weeks ago but I just brushed it off as something temporary, now I have to hit the side of my laptop to get it working again, unless I want to wait for the
'Firefox is not responding:
-Close this program
-Wait for this program to respond' message, is there something I can do to get my computer working as it did before?

  civicr 16:52 23 Jul 2010

Have you tried running ccleaner to see if anything nasty is attached or run mailware bytes to check for nastys

  northumbria61 17:30 23 Jul 2010

"is there something I can do to get my computer working as it did before?"

Well hitting the side of it won't exactly help in the long run. It probably needs a good "clean out" by starting, as suggested above.

  ipodofdoom 18:37 23 Jul 2010

ehe...what kind of software could I use for cleaning?

  tullie 19:27 23 Jul 2010

As stated above,ccleaner.

  ipodofdoom 19:39 23 Jul 2010

ohhhh i thought it was a typo

  rawprawn 19:41 23 Jul 2010

click here
Have you considered that it might need cleaning out inside?
Open the case, and carefully hoover (small dustbuster with nozzle)all dust and debris particularly make sure the fan is clear. While you are in there reseat the RAM Modules.

  rawprawn 19:42 23 Jul 2010

Sorry ignore that, just realised it's a laptop.

  ipodofdoom 19:46 23 Jul 2010

yay it worked! thankyou for your help! :D

  northumbria61 20:50 23 Jul 2010

The simple things in life !

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