Windows Vista IE problems

  NarcosisBoy 17:19 09 Apr 2008

Hi folks

My father got a new pc the other day - a dell with a 19inch screen and its fine except everything is 'big' The desktop icons are massive and when I open up IE or Firefox even with the 19 inch screen the webpage doesn't 'fit' - you have to scroll sideways to see everything. I have tried CTRL - Scroll wheel but that only changes the size of the font and not of the layout - so basically it ends up with small print in massive boxes etc. This is the first time I have used Vista and was wondering if anyone could help me.

Very much appreciated

  mrwoowoo 18:33 09 Apr 2008

Not sure how much you know about pc's,so bear with me.
Right click on a space on your desktop and choose personalize.Then click on display settings and move the resolution slider all the way to the right.
If things are too small,you can work it back a bit until it's to your liking.
A 19inch monitor works best with the resolution at 1440 x 900.

  anskyber 18:36 09 Apr 2008

1280x1024 is the setting for a standard ratio screen or as mrwoowoo says for a widescreen monitor.

  NarcosisBoy 21:15 10 Apr 2008

Got this sorted folks thank you very much


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