Windows Vista Flip 3D?

  BRFCIDB 18:10 12 Feb 2008

Do you need a high grade graphics card to use this function? I heard you need Directx 10. Is this correct?



  Gizmo2005 18:30 12 Feb 2008

You do NOT need a Directx 10 card for the Vista 3d Flip, it just helps, any of the modern cards would do, but if you are getting a new card go for one with Directx 10.

My old video card, before Vista was released (512 mb) worked great.

  skidzy 18:30 12 Feb 2008

If your graphics card is upto running the Aero feature in will run the Window switcher.

If in any doubt,run the upgrade advisor click here

  Totally-braindead 18:35 12 Feb 2008

This would have been better in the Vista Forum but regardless of that you do not need DirectX 10 but you need a decent card but not a high grade one. As skidzy points out theres an upgrade advisor you can run.

  aine 18:59 12 Feb 2008

This function will not work is you have a high performance setting on your pc, it seems to only work when the pc is set to best display or let pc select the best setting. please correct me if I am wrong!

  Quiller. 19:12 12 Feb 2008

I've a crap cpu with just 1Gig of ram and onboard graphics ( 945 chipset )from that one Gig on a laptop.

It runs aero and flip with ease.

So you don't need a card, onboard will do. Just remember to minimise the windows so they will flip.

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