Windows Vista Clock in Sidebar not working

  douglas1973 00:32 10 Jun 2009

After installing IE8 the windows Vista clock in the sidebar no longer worked. After uninstalling IE8 the clock started working again. After re-installing IE8 the windows Vista clock in the sidebar stopped working again. This would seem to prove that IE8 is definitely affecting the clock. I see on the internet that others have the same problem as I have. Any suggestions in how to fix this problem?

  Bob The Blob 00:47 10 Jun 2009

Try using a different clock?

  Terminus90 01:37 10 Jun 2009

you have an option to disable and enable different gadgets. Try this. uninstall IE8 and then remove the clock from the sidebar. re-install IE8 and then enable the clock on the sidebar.

  cgh 08:33 10 Jun 2009

Had the same problem which I resolved by using windows help and simply enter windows side bar. The side bar and the clock reappeared by clicking on the options available.

Hope this helps


  douglas1973 15:41 24 Jul 2009

Tried all the suggestions made above but none have worked. Was hoping that he problem would correct itself or someone else would come up with a solution but in vain.

  Migwell 23:32 24 Jul 2009

I gave up using sidebar as it is a waste of time, no pun intended.

I just can't see the importance of side bar, it just clogs up the desktop.

  skidzy 06:13 25 Jul 2009

Douglas,if you still wish to use a clock in your sidebar (i find the sidebar handy) there are plenty of options via Google.

Here is one for starters click here that im currently using , then remove the current one thats in your sidebar.

Plenty of other gadgets there if needed,the Multi Meter is a handy one to add also.

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