Windows Vista....................

  Squirrel1 18:34 13 Oct 2007

After having my notebook nicked I have had to buy a new notebook, but it has Vista Home Premium onit.
The plan was to dump vista and install XP...But
After playing with vista I like it.

I think the dislike of vista I had was possilbly down to trying it on work collegues who were running vista home basic on minimum spec machines...

I will keep vista and install XP as dual boot!

Well well... I never thought I would say that!

  Fingees 18:49 13 Oct 2007

I have been running vista since it first appeared, and would not go back to XP.

Most of the bad publicity is because people don't like change.

When XP first came out, the people I met, all hated it. I still think it's because it was different.

It may take some getting used to, but well worth it.

All the best.

  Pineman100 19:25 13 Oct 2007

My dislike of Vista isn't because I don't like change.

I've found it unpredictable and unstable. Windows Mail has what appears to be an unsolveable bug, and the Sidebar periodically decides that it won't open for no good reason.

I've run XP on my own computer for years - I can truthfully say that I don't think it has ever fallen over. On my wife's 4-month-old laptop, we get a Vista problem around once a week.

I'm praying that SP1 will stabilise Vista, when it finally appears.

  tullie 19:37 13 Oct 2007

Visa is very stable,but this vista like/disike has been done to death now.

  Adnohr 19:54 13 Oct 2007

I have been using Vista since June. My laptop came with a free upgrade. I installed it as a second operating system and kept the Win XP. I found that I could not trust Microsoft to present the consumer with a complete and secure product. I do like some things about Vista. But the difficulty finding drivers for my printers has been discouraging. I also don't understand the reasoning behind offering a 32-bit upgrade for a 64-bit machine. I am running Vista on desktop (a self built and new dual core rig) as well, and had to request the 64-bit version from Microsoft online. I do recommend that you obtain the 64-bit version as it loads faster. If you have an old machine, and are thinking of upgrading, and Win XP is running fine on it, it's better to wait. I doubt that SP1 will make any great improvement in Vista's performance. Eventually it will get there though.

  woodchip 21:20 13 Oct 2007

I do not like Vista, on the simple thing. It does not run My Software Hardware can Be a Problem, And not my intention of buying a whole load of new stuff just to run some Dopy Operating System. So I will leave it to you people that are just starting out with all new Hardware and Software. Then when you have problems, You can come hear for help

  skeletal 22:19 13 Oct 2007

“Most of the bad publicity is because people don't like change.”
“Vista is very stable,...”

Sorry, I can’t let these two statements go without comment.

Often, people don’t mind change when the change is for the better, when it is for the worst, then they don’t like it.

The only people I know who claim Vista is stable are the “virtual” people on these forums. All “real” people I know are continually having problems in varying degrees (I can’t even get it to boot properly). I thus conclude that, either people here are making up that idea it works, or, far more likely, it is clear that it works for some people and not others (apparently, it actually works for most people; I just whish Microsoft would come up with a “fix” to get it working for everyone). The fact it does not work for some leads to the “bad publicity” and ultimately why there is so much discussion; i.e., those that see it work correctly wonder why others don’t like it, and, of course, vice versa.

And the last quote to which I respond: “I doubt that SP1 will make any great improvement in Vista's performance”. I hope this is not the case; I am praying that SP1 will enable it to work for me!


  [email protected] 22:31 13 Oct 2007

i gave mine away last week, i too do not know anyone who has tried and kept vista. it's stable enough if you do as you are told. the updates and patches to fix these non existent bugs have confused many software companies. i just don't think it's worse the resource hit, and i found the security to be poorly thought through and highly annoying, a firewall you have to write rules for yet unknown malware, defender you cant remove and uac.
it just all seemed a little 'last minute thrown together' mix of bits and pieces to me and felt very bloated on a dual core 4 gig 8800pc.
i know there are people here who like it, personally i wonder about it's future.

  [email protected] 22:33 13 Oct 2007

'worth the resource hit'

  Forum Editor 22:35 13 Oct 2007

so is my wife, and so are my children, and lots of their friends, and many of my clients - all of whom are running perfectly stable Vista systems.

They're using ordinary computers, bought off the shelf, and many of them have upgraded to Vista from Windows XP - there's nothing 'virtual' about any of these people.

Windows XP didn't 'work' for lots of people for many months after it was launched, but a year or so later most of them were happily running it. Many of those same people are the ones who are saying they have unstable Vista systems, or are criticising it without ever having given it a try. I know that's the case because I meet quite a few of them in the course of my work.

I'm not here to pretend that Vista doesn't give some people a few problems, but anyone who says "I can’t even get it to boot properly" may have hardware or software problems that are unrelated to Vista - the pre-installation upgrade advisor analyses your computer and tells you if there are incompatibilities, so you have a chance to sort them out in advance.

  skeletal 23:58 13 Oct 2007

FE: My reference to “virtual” people is merely meant as a differentiator between those that I “meet” on a forum, and those that I meet “in person”.

I’ve no doubt that many people use Vista OK, but of those I know “in person” all have some sort of problem. To be fair, I suspect some of them may be due to software incompatibilities (I have not tried to sort them out as I do not know enough about Vista).

None of this alters my view that, for some it works, and some it does not. I also hope for me, and those others with problems, that SP1 provides a solution.

It is hard to believe that it is around a year ago now that we (well certainly me) were getting excited about the forthcoming launch of Vista; the thought of the DX10 games really got me going! Sadly, I am still waiting! Worryingly, I doubt if I could get a DX10 game to run in Vista in it current state as, even when everything is perfect, games can be tricky to get working properly.

I’m still sitting here keeping fingers crossed, and I do try to run Vista every few weeks in the hope one of the patches will sort me out (oh, and I can’t think of which hardware may be causing any problems unless it’s something buried in the motherboard, which is possible of course).


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