Windows virtual memory too low! Could it be this page?

  gazmix 18:18 07 May 2012


I've had this page open on my browser for some time, but my browser is really slow, freezing etc. Even when i refresh & open & close the browser! I think someone has posted pics that are too big or something of the sort! It's page 10 of the website!

Also getting the little yellow triangle saying my WVM is too low!

Anyone have the same issue!


  gazmix 18:19 07 May 2012

jump to page 10 as this is where the issue lies!

  KRONOS the First 18:23 07 May 2012
  rdave13 19:10 07 May 2012

The page is rather long with photos and video links. I've 4 gig ram. Ram is running at 70% and page file running at 17% so it's using a lot of ram. Check pagefile (virtual memory) in your settings. It should be ok if controlled by the OS but if low on ram then it will take time to load the page. You could try changing the initial size to the same as maximum size to see if that helps.

  gazmix 21:16 07 May 2012

Thanks, i have 877MB of RAM i think as when i do chronos's check, it comes up with that!

  rdave13 22:51 07 May 2012

Not a lot then.

  rdave13 23:07 07 May 2012

Lets guess. If a desktop then running XP, shares ram with onboard graphics.

If older laptop then same scenario.

Netbook I don't entertain as they are a tad slow even on top end, with ram specified.

Seems your machine can't cope with the modern browser. Just my guessing.

What PC are you running?

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