Windows upgrade!

  jay77 05:57 09 Sep 2005

Got the 98 se what should i upgrade to xp etc.Also is this easy to do what is cost etc and will all my info still be kept and transferred thankyou j!

  wee eddie 06:59 09 Sep 2005

I notice in one of your threads that it is about 7 years old and running 98se.

Tell us what the PC is and what software you have running.

To find out what you have. Run this: click here

Personally I'd stick with 98se, unless you have lots of memory.

  Jackcoms 15:40 09 Sep 2005

XP will run (sluggishly) on 256Mb RAM but the ideal is 512Mb minimum.

"Also is this easy to do what is cost etc and will all my info still be kept and transferred"

"Easy to do" - yes

"Cost" - go to a shop and look or look at some online shops (do a bit of Googling first).

"Will my info be transferred?" - I suspect that Forum members would suggest that you first back up all your info onto an external medium and then format your HDD, install XP and then install whatever other programs you want (you do have the CDs don't you?).

Finally re-install your personal info/docs from the back up.

However, the first thing to do is tell us the specs of your PC so that we can decide if it is up to the job.

If it isn't, you might want to raid your piggy bank and buy a nice shiny new one (complete with XP).

  jay77 14:41 10 Sep 2005

Ive saved a page from berlarc download cheers,how do i put this info up to show you know,theres so much,as you weould appreciate cheers jay!

  jay77 14:42 10 Sep 2005

On performance tab down to 10% now!!!!

  Jackcoms 15:02 10 Sep 2005

We don't need to know the lot - just the basics.

How much RAM in Megabytes?

Processor speed in Gigahertz

Hard drive size in Gigabytes

Remaining hard drive capacity in Gigabytes

What software packages are you running at the moment?

  Forum Editor 15:06 10 Sep 2005

the whole of the Belarc report - just tell us how much installed RAM there is, what kind of processor is installed, and give us the information about the graphics card.

Then go to 'My computer' - click on it, and right click on the icon for the C drive. Select 'Properties' and tell us how much free space is there, and how much is occupied.

Post back here with that information and we'll take it from there.

  Forum Editor 15:07 10 Sep 2005

in stereo!

  jay77 16:43 10 Sep 2005

I did that cant find properties though ok ty.

  jay77 16:52 10 Sep 2005

Found it is says 959 free space mb free.206 gb used.

  Diemmess 17:12 10 Sep 2005

So far not very encouraging. Your HD is marginal already, you will need a new one many times that size. Score 98SE=1 XP=nil

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