Windows Updates - which ones?

  EFC1878 12:30 15 Aug 2008

Having just come back from holiday I am faced with a huge list of windows updates.

Like others I had problems with automtic updates [there was a package of 3] and tunred off the aurtomatic feature.

Can somebody remind me which ones were the 'rogue ones' to avoid?

Also is SP3 worth downloading?

  flateric1 19:08 16 Aug 2008

GET SP3 and you have all the lastest updates it come via Windows update all updates are worth having.... I have XP Pro SP3 installed all ok..

It well restart your pc once if i remember right and takes about 20 mins to install..

  EFC1878 19:18 16 Aug 2008

Are you saying that if I install SP3 then I don't need to bother running the other updates?

  john bunyan 19:30 16 Aug 2008

EFC1878. Do read other recent threads on SP3. May work fine but here is some advice :I have an AMD processor, AVG and Commodo (Firewall) Also I have Media Centre Edition. The auto installation caused me to lose the TV tuner.To be safe, I would endorse the views above, so suggest the following: 1.After the housekeeping above create a restore point. Download SP3 to desktop - do not install (you may have to get it via MS developers page). 2. Disconnect from internet then disable Firewall and antivirus.3.Restart in safe mode. Install SP3 from desktop.Restart in normal mode.4 Restore anti virus and firewall.5. Reconnect to internet.
A bit long winded but it may be a better option than the auto install - which works fine for some.

  john bunyan 19:40 16 Aug 2008

There was a whole load of post SP3 updates on Thursday. I would install SP3 as above then do another check for updates, then install them.

  woodchip 19:58 16 Aug 2008

You need to also load other updates for security, I don't load the software removal tool after it removed a Partition drive letter on one of my comps. Other like IE7 is up to you but I only use IE for Windows updates so not put that on either, and I don't use Outlook Express But as I said you need to look at them all by clicking on the + at the side of each

  tullie 20:01 16 Aug 2008

There have been updates since SP3,so just installing this will mean you are not up to date.

  provider 2 22:25 16 Aug 2008

As above.

I`m running XP Sp 2 set to update automatically.

There were 11 updates in all including Malicious Software Removal Tool updates and cumulative security updates for IE 7.

All of these intalled in one go on my system without any problem, but then it is a pretty basic set-up.

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