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  de_de 10:12 16 Apr 2008

Can someone help me understand the following - When your computer downloads upgrades via windows update, where are they 'held' prior to actually installing them?

The reason I ask is because I have tried 3 times to install Vista SP1 but I keep getting a black screen and an arrow cursor when booting up for the 'stage 3' part. Everything just freezes. I'm onto Microsoft right now to deal with this.

Which leads me to the original query. I'm close to giving up on SP1 and currently using it pre SP1 (reverted back). Are SP1 files still on this computer somewhere, hogging disk space, even though they are not installed?

If so, how do I get rid of them?


  anskyber 10:18 16 Apr 2008

They are held because your update setting may be set to download but not install rather than set to automatic install.

In any event not all downloads will be installed in the auto setting only important ones. Have a look in Control Panel and Security Center to see what your PC is set too.

SP1 may not be installed because of a non compliance issue. Did you do a manual check for SP1 or was it offered to you?

  anskyber 10:22 16 Apr 2008

SP1 does have a disc clean up for SP1 files and I have used it. I do not know if it works without a successful install of SP1.

Vista SP1 integrates a tool named vsp1cln.exe situated in the system32 folder.

To run this tool, open a cmd or simply press Winkey + R keys and enter: vsp1cln.exe

  de_de 10:40 16 Apr 2008

Thanks for replies.

"SP1 may not be installed because of a non compliance issue. Did you do a manual check for SP1 or was it offered to you?"

Very good question, looking back I think I did a manual update that time and seen the SP1 pack on offer. I just proceded to intall it.

I do however, have it set to automatic as well, but I cant recall it automatically starting the install.

I think the vsp1cln.exe that comes with SP1 is only for deleting the older (pre-SP1) files, to free up disk space.

So although SP1 was downloaded, but NOT installed, where is it and can I get rid of it?

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