windows updates, now no internet!

  badhooverdog 00:42 16 Oct 2010

had a load of windows updates after being away, 14 in all on 14/10/10 (XP SP3). They took an age to install. Next day i am unable to use internet explorer, macafee & several other programs. When i try to start them i get a '*** encountered a problem & needs to shut down' message.Other applications start up ok.

Today have lost internet connection all together - router is still connected. Seems to be a problem with pc.

I there a way i can rollback to before these updates? Have tried system restore but just get a choice of drives & cant seem to get any further. Alternatively can i locate them on pc & remove manually?

Also have found a new program - windows powershell 1.0 on the program list, that hadnt noticed before. Could that be causing a conflict?

Any thoughts? Simplicity appreciated as not a bit of a novice.


  badhooverdog 08:41 16 Oct 2010

got it sorted. updates removed & all is well. should i try them again? am inclined not to after all the hassel

  onthelimit 08:53 16 Oct 2010 having problems after these updates. The odd thing is, there seem to be so many different snags, but they all seem to be cured by a system restore - generally, a subsequent installation of the updates works OK.

  Quickbeam 09:00 16 Oct 2010

I did the system restore which made it OK, and then re-installed the updates and still can't access the net using IE8, Chrome, Outlook or Media Player for CD information.

  Quickbeam 09:02 16 Oct 2010

p.s. I'm using Firefox for this, it's not affected.

  onthelimit 09:09 16 Oct 2010

Weird, isn't it, how the problems are so varied - friend of mine completely lost Word. My netbook got stuck in an endless loop on shutdown. PC all OK.

  Dark Mantis 09:46 16 Oct 2010

Maybe it's just Micro$oft's way of making your computer more secure! If you can't go on the internet you should be safe :¬)

  Quickbeam 11:40 16 Oct 2010

I've just done another system restore and turned automatic updates off until it's sorted. But Media Player tells me I have to reinstall it and the Media Player 12 website says it's not available for download as it's part of Windows 7.

They've made a real hash with these updates.

  rdave13 11:48 16 Oct 2010

I've not tried this utility but worth a go; click here

  provider 2 11:53 16 Oct 2010

Mmm ... I seem to have all 14 XP updates installed successfully, at least according to "Check Your Update History".

Looking in Event Viewer though, I`ve found ten Error ESENT 439 warnings over about five minutes while the updates were installing (Do not switch off your computer. It will switch off auto ...etc).

Anybody know what this is all about? I thought it might be a `file in use` problem related to AV scanning but that can`t happen if you use the shut-down method of installation, can it?

  cocteau48 12:07 16 Oct 2010

You could try visiting the MS update site and by choosing "custom" rather than "express" install you can install them one at a time.
Might at least isolate which one is causing you problems.

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