windows updates new rules fix

  uesquebeathus 17:35 23 Jun 2007

microsoft have changed their practice again all the microsoft update websites have to be in the internet explorer Trusted sites or you will never get anymore except from sources that may not be legit.

1st Method to try is:-

Click start / then Control panel / then Windows Updates / the tick the box for auto updates.
this may not work in some computer setups

2nd Method to try is:-
open internet explorer
goto tools,
then options
/ then Security
/ then Trusted which is the Green tick
/ then sites
in the strip write in the following three urls the after each click trusted
http://* click add

https://* click add

click here click add

you will then be allowed to download any updates providing of course that you have a legal copy of the operating system

  uesquebeathus 17:41 23 Jun 2007

the third Item to fix the trusted sites should be

" click here " click add

without the " " of course

and should be Microsoft updates as all of the updates will only be available to you if you add to the Trusted sites the three url's

  brundle 17:47 23 Jun 2007

Can you link to the source of the info? No news of it on the MS updates blog - click here

  uesquebeathus 17:57 23 Jun 2007

Hi brundle, if you try to update any microsoft product from this week, by just clicking on the " Windows Update" on the "desktop start programs list" or the "control panel" or by using the "internet explorer", " tools ", "Windows Update" they will not work until the url's are added to the "Trusted Sites", most IT people will be able to fix this very quickly but I only wish to help those who are less trained or knowledgeable about "internet explorer" resolve this new issue.

  benwil 18:58 23 Jun 2007

i have tried both fixes but still get the error message when connecting update site. any other solutions. please

  benwil 18:59 23 Jun 2007

i have tried both fixes but still get the error message when connecting update site. any other solutions. please

  brundle 19:08 23 Jun 2007

Me too, perhaps it's broken at the moment. If you have your machine set to auto update don't worry about it unless you fail to receive notification on the day a new set of patches is released.

  Stuartli 19:59 23 Jun 2007

This Microsoft IE Enhanced Security Configuration report back in January 2005 detailed that WindowsUpdate was added to the Trusted Zone:

click here

  uesquebeathus 20:38 23 Jun 2007

I am sorry but the PCAdvisor editing system changes the third site to a clicky it should read:-
click here

BUT this url should be entered in lower case, i am not allowed to write it in low case.

sorry for the mix up.

  uesquebeathus 20:41 23 Jun 2007

i cannot win, its changed again
enter this without spaces.

https:// download.windowsupdate .com

then click add

  uesquebeathus 20:42 23 Jun 2007

third time lucky for the third url

https:// download.windowsupdate .com

no spaces

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