Windows updates error

  hiwatt 15:05 17 Jul 2008

Hi folks,I'm trying to search manually for updates for window vista but when I visit windows update it's saying it has encounterd a problem and cannot display the page,error number(0x80070002)any ides how to overcome this please?Thanks.

  Clapton is God 15:11 17 Jul 2008
  hiwatt 15:27 17 Jul 2008

Thanks for the link.There doesn't seem to be a download for windows vista though?click here

  hiwatt 15:34 17 Jul 2008

If I go to windows updates in vista,where it says "updates were installed" it says never?And if I view update history it tells me I have not tried to install any updates for my computer.But if I click on "go to installed updates" it shows me 64 updates.Any idea why this is?I'm just trying to find out if I have ALL the updates I need?Thanks.

  Clapton is God 15:34 17 Jul 2008

Not sure what you mean - "There doesn't seem to be a download for windows vista though"

There were several reference to Vista in the link I gave. The error code seems to be validation-related

  brundle 15:36 17 Jul 2008

Sorry, didn't read carefully enough - my post is for XP systems.

  User-1229748 15:39 17 Jul 2008
  Clapton is God 15:39 17 Jul 2008

Huh? What post??

  hiwatt 15:41 17 Jul 2008

I clicked on the second one in your link(I provided a click here,and it gave me an option to download a fix for it but none were for vista.Thanks

  Clapton is God 15:46 17 Jul 2008

All it takes is a little scroll through the list of links.

This page, for example, mentions Vista several times click here

  User-1229748 15:57 17 Jul 2008

did you scroll down and try wolfgang eitels fix

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