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  Damarc 12:12 22 Apr 2009

Last year my pc went barmy and I had to get it reformatted and windows xp reinstalled. It's a Dell machine and well out of guarantee so when I asked for a xp disk to reload I was put into limbo as there was no disk with it when I bought it. A friend came to my rescue and installed xp and all was well although it seemed to be a hybrid between windows xp and vista. I was regularly receiving security updates.

Then it all changed mid March when I was trying to ensure that I was totally up to date with updates because of the dreaded worm on 1st April. Microsoft then had a dicky fit and said that my xp was not recognised as genuine and since then no updates have been integrated into the system.

I have Zone Alarm firewall, Avast anti virus, superspyware and spywareblaster working on the pc. However I now get to my question. Will all these keep the pc safe if no MS security updates are being installed? I wondered whether these security packages rely on MS updates being installed.

  provider 2 13:01 22 Apr 2009


I`ve read your post three times, mainly because I couldn`t quite believe it!

... a hybrid between windows XP and Vista ?
... Microsoft then had a dicky fit (I believed that!)
... will all these keep my pc safe?

I think the best thing would be to hand it over to a repair professional to see if he can sort it out ... hopefully at not too great a price.

  birdface 13:29 22 Apr 2009

If you have a COA sticker on the side of your computer it will tell you what you have [XP Home.Pro.Vista]This is the only disc that you can use it will also tell you the keycode on it.Just a matter of borrowing the proper disc and then enter the official keycode.

  provider 2 14:01 22 Apr 2009


This one has me totally confused ...
1. Why wasn`t the repair partition used?
2. Where did the Vista element come from?
3. How can it work at all if indeed it is a mixture of XP and Vista?
4. How come WGA failed to detect a licence/machine mismatch for several months?

It seems to me that fixing this will be difficult.

  Graphicool1 14:12 22 Apr 2009

In mid March when you were trying to ensure you were totally up to date. Did you go to Microsoft Updates for it search your PC?

Prior to that, were you getting auto updates downloaded to your PC?

If so that's why you were getting the updates before but not anymore. If you set up your PC to receive auto updates, MS doesn't check the validity of your system. If on the other hand you go the update centre it does!

  birdface 14:17 22 Apr 2009

Yes I agree with you on everything but just reading the post again I believe they are going to run it without Microsoft updates and the security programs that they have installed should be good enough to stop any infections and not be affected by the lack of Microsoft updates.Mind you i am not sure if Microsoft can stop them from connecting to the Internet or not.

  Damarc 18:42 22 Apr 2009

That's what I wanted to know. Dell were so unhelpful about sending me the disk because the pc is older than 3 years. I do have a proper sticker on the side of my pc and wasn't trying to get something for nothing, just reinstalling what I had got. I have Vista on my laptop and the Welcome and Start menu on the old pc are very similar to Vista although they should be xp but the rest is xp. I was having automatic updates before March and then went to the MS site to make sure I had everything I needed prior 1st April. I wish I never had now! I don't use IE for internet only Firefox.

  bluto1 21:36 22 Apr 2009

Just in case you want to get in touch with Microsoft here's a number that might help:
0870 6010100.

In a lot of cases M/S will help.

  provider 2 22:54 22 Apr 2009


Thanks for that. I wasn`t suggesting anything improper on your part, I just failed to understand how your friend could have re-installed XP, then ended up with an XP/Vista hybrid that actually worked, never mind got Ms automatic updates, the WGA thing being not that easy to get around.

Anyway, it may have something to do with one of those programs that were quite popular for a while, to make XP look like Vista, nothing more.

As Graphicool 1 has said, visiting the Ms update site has probably triggered this licence thing; hence the end of updates for you. In addition, I think an update to the WGA arrived in March, KB 905474 without many people knowing or bothering to find out exactly what it was.

Anyway, if everything is running ok apart from updates, bluto 1`s suggestion to contact Ms and explain your problem could well be all that is needed.

  alexartox 06:06 01 May 2009

Try to backup your hard drive with Acronis True Image or something like that, gives you instant recovery in no time!

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