Windows Updates

  pj123 12:56 03 Sep 2008

Since I changed over from Win 98SE to Win XP SP2 a few years ago I have never done a windows update.

I don't have any problems and my computer is running perfectly and doing everything I want.

So, do I need these updates? And if so, why?


  The Kestrel 13:04 03 Sep 2008

It's up to you, but over the years there have been many security plaws found in Windows XP. If you have not downloaded the updates to correct these security issues, then your PC is vunerable to attack.

  birdface 13:14 03 Sep 2008

Don't fix it if it is not broken comes to mind.

  Stuartli 13:15 03 Sep 2008

Not quite the same thing...:-)

  Sea Urchin 13:24 03 Sep 2008

also comes to mind

  birdface 13:42 03 Sep 2008

So what happens when maybe downloading SP3 and his computer crashes or maybe with one of the other updates.If happy where he is why not stay there.

  pj123 13:45 03 Sep 2008

Yes, I am a believer in "if it aint broke don't fix it" and also "close the door after the horse has bolted".

I run AVG, Zonealarm, Adaware, Spywareblaster and Ccleaner.

I try to stay away from dodgy sites and I have never had a virus or any malware attacks on my computer, so far (touch wood).

I thought I might have a go at this SP3?

I have 3 clones of my main hard drive C:.

One is kept here in a filing cabinet and the other 2 are kept at two separate friends houses.

If it doesn't work I can always go back to where I was using one of the clones.

Are there any problems I need to know about SP3?


  provider 2 16:16 03 Sep 2008

Some preparations, some tips and some troubleshooting:

click here

with links to more.

  pj123 16:26 03 Sep 2008

provider 2, thanks for the link.

If there are that many problems that I could come up against why did Microsoft issue it in the first place?

  provider 2 16:50 03 Sep 2008

All to do with security, I think ... hackers beavering away day and night finding new ways of breaking into systems to nick information, some because that`s what they like to do, and others for criminal purposes.

I have the impression Ms is fighting a constant battle with these guys and reacting to information that they get. Maybe they should have made Windows more secure in the first place, but that`s another discussion.

It`s maybe a bit like insurance ... you can work away fine without it, but come the day you really do need it, it may be too late.

  Woolwell 16:50 03 Sep 2008

I've put SP3 on 5 systems without a snag. You have clones of your hard drive so you have taken all of the sensible precautions. Personally I would install windows updates whenever possible.

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