Windows updates

  Bald Eagle 21:05 10 Feb 2005

I’m a bit puzzled by the automatic Windows updating on my XP Home computer. When I first got it I regularly got an icon in the systray that indicated that an update was in progress and it also had a download manager. I noticed that it hadn’t downloaded for a week or so so I manually checked for downloads and was informed that there were 9 critical updates totalling 10.5Mb!

It was at 16.57 so I reset the automatic updating to 17.00 but nothing happened. Any ideas as to what has gone wrong, if anything? The automatic updating is all set up correctly, in fact apart from changing the download time I haven’t touched it.


  CHAIRLEG 21:30 10 Feb 2005

Same here had to check for and download manually.

  Buchan 35 21:45 10 Feb 2005

I went to Windows Updates earlier and the page was blank. I was aware that they were going to close it or modify the updating system, but it was rather sudden since I downloaded that 10.5 Mb yesterday. We`ll just have to wait and see what`s going to happen

  mbp 21:57 10 Feb 2005

Some peculiar behaviour wiyth the updates the past 24 hours. Hope MS fix it soon.

  Buchan 35 21:57 10 Feb 2005

Please accept my apologies. The sit is not closing and the only modification being made is that downloaders will in future require XP - SP1. Which seems a bit hard on W98 and ME users.
Sorry Bald Eagle I can`t help with your original
problem except to hazard a guess that their download feature was well overcrowded. That`s why I originally thought the site had closed.

  CHAIRLEG 22:04 10 Feb 2005

No need for apoligies Buchan 35.I have just been to update window and all i get is a white screen.Yesterday it took about 4 mins before it loaded so it has been acting up a bit lately.

  Bapou 23:49 10 Feb 2005

No problem with Windows Update at 11.15 pm. Have manually downloaded the ten critical updates.

My setting is to be informed Updates are available to download. Microsoft e-mailed two days ago saying they were available also the balloon came up "updates ready to download". I clicked and nothing happened, hence having to go on site tonight to check, then downloaded.

Never experienced this before.

  daba 00:22 11 Feb 2005

W98 updates still happening into 2006 I read, can't remember where though, but could search for it.

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