windows update on windows me

  willo500 13:24 16 Mar 2005

Every time I try to update I get a message saying it is incomplete. I used ms knowledge base to delete active x stuff and reinstalled. It still says the same. I have no idea what to do so all help gratefully appreciated


  willo500 15:31 16 Mar 2005

I meant to say that this pc has not been updated for some time so if I can't get it updated using windows update is there anything else i can do?

  SANTOS7 15:39 16 Mar 2005

# Windows ME: As of December 31, Microsoft will terminate mainstream support for Windows Millennium Edition (Windows ME). Extended support for ME ends one year later, on December 31, here
article taken from here,maybe its time to upgrade to XP

  sidecar sid 18:40 16 Mar 2005

Not sure if this will help but it may be worth a try.

click here

  willo500 22:49 16 Mar 2005

Thanks sid but no luck as yet. I tried to re register some of the dll files like Wintrust.dll and initpki.dll and so on (as recommended in one of the microsoft forums) but found that although these files existed, windows did not let me register them by using the "Start, Run" or thing. It also did not recognise them and when I tried to reinstall them it said they were in use by another program. This makes me wonder if something is constantly using these files and not allowing windows updater to access them. Does anyone have any ideas?

  jakimo 23:07 16 Mar 2005

Sorry but don't have a solution to your problem,but critical updates are still available for win me.I downloaded KB891711 & KB888113 today (16\3\05)

  willo500 23:14 16 Mar 2005

Is it possible to download these withouth using windows updater? If so how?

  jakimo 00:39 17 Mar 2005

Try this link,and scroll down to "walkeriam",or you should find help from other links on the forum
by the way don't download the KB891711 file from microsoft,its faulty,the KB888113 file is ok tho

click here

  willo500 00:55 17 Mar 2005

Thanks for your help, jakimo. This looks as if it might be very helpful. I will try tomorrow and let you know how I get on,


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