Windows update Vista SP1

  iscanut 11:21 03 Apr 2008

System tells me this is ready for download so I click on OK. It then sits for ages at 0% downloaded and does nothing. My broadband speed is currently fast at 5000kbps so I can only assume the Microsoft servers are overwhelmed and can't cope ! Anyone else have this problem ?

  anskyber 11:30 03 Apr 2008

It's a very large file so give it a few mins.

  iscanut 11:31 03 Apr 2008

Have given it 10mins to start but no go. Will try again another time.

  I am Spartacus 11:38 03 Apr 2008

It can take around an hour to download and install and a lot of the time it doesn't appear to be doing anything.

  iscanut 11:48 03 Apr 2008

Thanks.Might wait for a free CD from a mag if Microsoft allow it !

  Quinlan 17:04 07 Apr 2008

I downloaded Vista SP1 - it took ages but I just let my computer get on with it and went to bed!

When it eventually completed I discovered that I could not access my external hard drive & the system was generally unstable. After trying various fixes I eventually uninstalled Vista SP1 (took ages again) & everything returned to normal.

I have been strongly advised NOT to download Vista SP1 before it is downloaded by Microsoft automatically. Apparantly some key drivers are not yet included in SP1. I certainly will not.

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