Windows update via Satellite Connection

  McD 08:49 03 Sep 2005

I have a one way satellite internet connection (phone uplink satellite downlink), OS Windows XP home. My problem is that when I try to download windows updates windows refuses to recognise the satellite, and the downloads come via the phone. To compound the issue I connect via a mobile so download speeds are restricted to 9.6Kbs!! Whereas the satellite downloads at 512Kbs. Can anyone offer any ideas on how to get Windows to recognise the satellite. (I have searched KBase and there is nothing on satellite connections). Any help would greatly appreciated

  DieSse 10:30 03 Sep 2005

Have you asked your satellite system provider?

  McD 12:06 03 Sep 2005

Yes emailed them a few days ago still waiting for a response!!

  McD 23:18 03 Sep 2005


  stalion 23:23 03 Sep 2005

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