Is Windows update really turned off ?

  Indigo 1 18:40 10 Feb 2005

I have noticed this evening that My PC is 'talking' to WIndows update and downloading in the background a program from Microsoft even though I have deliberately turned off Automatic Windows Update !

When I click to stop the download, it takes a few clicks before it will stop but after a few minutes it will start up again, I don't seem to be able to prevent it.

How can this be ? Has anyone else had this ?

I am using Naviscope to monitor internet activity on this machine and it informs me that "I am recieving a PROGRAM from" and have Zone Alarm pro which also indicates web activity in both directions, although at a very low rate (8 - 12 kbps BB connection).

I have BigFix installed which keeps me updated just fine with only those updates relevant to my system and do not require anything more.

XP Pro SP1 + hotfixes from SP2

  ade.h 22:11 10 Feb 2005

I just typed the URL you provided into the address bar and it directed me to click here which is the nearest match. The discrepancy between URLs may be perfectly innocent, but also indicate that some spyware is phoning home to an address that is designed to look legitimate. It would be a good idea to run Spybot or whatever equivalent you use.

  ade.h 22:12 10 Feb 2005

I should also add that the normal site for Windows Updates is

  ade.h 22:15 10 Feb 2005

By the way, am I right in assuming that the Auto Update icon is NOT showing in the notification area?

  Indigo 1 07:41 11 Feb 2005

I do run Spybot regularly and Adaware6 and have Spywareblaster installed and running all are updated regularly too. But have not run them for a few days.

Yes you are right there is no Auto Update icon showing.

I have recently been plagued by a spate of emails containing virus' and trojans and I have been particularly vigilant about unauthorized activity on my PC or I probably would not have noticed.

As you say it may be perfectly innocent but I have not authorized it and therefore want to know what it is.

  ade.h 15:57 11 Feb 2005

Glad to see you're security conscious. About the only the only product you haven't used is SpySweeper. click here for a free scan. As the icon is missing from the system tray and the URL appears to be wrong, it does seem suspicious. You might want to start a new thread asking whether these two anomalies are actually normal for Auto Update. I'm not sure either way, as I don't like the lack of control with AU and keep it disabled, preferring to download manually instead.

  Stuartli 16:17 11 Feb 2005

The ZoneAlarm website click here also now features a free spyware scan facility.

  Indigo 1 17:19 11 Feb 2005

Zone Alarm shows up nothing (extremely quick scan) but Spy Sweeper came up with a whole bunch of stuff many of which I am not sure about

Spyware Found on Your Computer


System Monitors

Adware 3

CoolWebSearch (CWS)




Adware Cookies 40

360i Cookie

Adultfriendfinder Cookie


Alt Cookie Cookie

Ask Cookie

Atwola Cookie

Banner Cookie

BurstNet Cookie

Ccbill Cookie

Cd Freaks Cookie

Clickxchange Adware Cookie

Clickzs Cookie

clixgalore Cookie Cookie

Customer Cookie

Dealtime Cookie

Did-it Cookie

Domain Sponsor Cookie Cookie Cookie

GoStats Cookie

Gotoast Cookie

HomeStore Cookie

HowStuffWorks Cookie

Informit Cookie

InfoSpace Cookie

Kount Cookie Cookie Cookie

NetRatingsSelect Cookie

Pricegrabber Cookie

Sandboxer Cookie

SMNI Cookie Cookie


WegCash Cookie

Xiti Cookie

Yadro Cookie

I have not heard of any of these before apart from Pricegrabber Cookie and Spykiller Cookie'

I am now cross referencing with my system to see if theyare the problem.

  ade.h 17:30 11 Feb 2005

Looks like SpySweeper has found a few bits of malware, like the Cool Web Search (which is very common) though I couldn't say for sure whether any of it relates to your problem. The proliferation of adware/spyware cookies suggests the need to tighten up your Privacy settings in Internet Explorer. Some of them may be tracking your surfing and the originator's websites might be harvesting the info.

  2neat 17:38 11 Feb 2005

You don't need to show us your serfin habits m8.
Just delete all the cookies. Looks like you have all the precautions in place. Put SP2 on too, not just hotfix!

  Indigo 1 17:59 11 Feb 2005

Ok thanks again, I have now set my privacy to High and manually deleted all of those beasts that I could (some where not found) but that only makes me more suspicious. I have often wondered whether some Spyware detectors just make stuff up to make things seem worse on your PC or maybe the little cookies and malware are able to effectively hide from a search ?

But thats beside the point, the fact is, an unwanted program is still trying to download from How can this be ??

I will check through ZA's list of trusted apps to see what it is.

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