Windows Update problems in XP Pro

  CaiHir 23:25 16 Nov 2006

I have a current problem with Windows Updates - set to automatically download and inform me - which have worked fine up until a few weeks ago: my laptop still automatically updates Defender and also AVG on start up so the internet access would seem to be OK.

I can now only access the Windows Update site via the link in the Tools menu in IE6: clicking on other links i.e. from the Security Centre produce no new window. Once in the Update site the check for the most up to date software works but clicking on either Express or Custom produces the checking for updates dialogue with the scrolling green bars but that is all - i.e. they don't stop, even after half an hour!

The laptop is a Fujitsu Siemens P7010 Lifebook with XP Pro SP2. 512 Mb RAM, Pentium M 1.20 Ghz. Firewall is ZoneAlarm, AVG for virus and SpyBot, AdAware, Defender for the rest - also CWS Shredder on an ad-hoc basis. Internet connection is WiFi via Ozenda modem/router but as I say the only thing not working as usual is the Windows Security updates

  birdface 23:51 16 Nov 2006

Try downloading them one at a time from here. click here

  Miss Happy 00:14 17 Nov 2006

It worked for me (one-at-a-time downloads> install), thanks buteman, I now have IE7 properly downloaded AND intalled thanks to your advice. The other downloads installed during the set-up of the IE7 after rebooting - shame MS bundle ALL their updates together when there seems to be a HUGE install conflict.
Thanks buteman, I hope your advice works for CaiHir too. I will post my reply on my problem regarding downloading MS security updates but will not/wont install. CairHir'sprob. not the same as mine but why are all these things not checked by MS BEFORE faffing up customers systems?

  birdface 00:16 17 Nov 2006

Just thought If you are on IE6, I would imagine some of those up-dates are for people that have upgraded to IE7, And maybe that is why you cant download them,If you are going to download IE7 make sure you have your Anti_ Virus and Firewall turned off

  birdface 00:17 17 Nov 2006

Take it you are happy now, Miss Happy.

  Miss Happy 00:28 17 Nov 2006

Very,buteman! The problem seems to be that though MS have their updates listed, when you download the lot - IE7 comes in between, so there is already a conflict there because as you say, some of those updates are for IE7 not IE6, shame MS bung the whole lot together then cannot install them.
I normally pick off just a couple of their updates at a time and restart - become a bit fingure happy with broadband and foolishly download the lot in one session. I will revert to my old ways - one or two at a time!
Thanks for your help buteman - you saved my day & sanity.
Off to bed now at last.

  birdface 09:33 17 Nov 2006

At Least we have one Happy customer,

  CaiHir 10:24 17 Nov 2006

Miss Happy - indeed it is a different problem as I don't get the list of possible upgrades and I believe there are some for my setup as I have just done an upgrade - except IE7 - for my other machines. They run XP Home though.
Buteman - thanks I had found that site but didn't understand that the "download update" for IE6 SP2 meant only the upgrade not the whole thing!
I still belive there is an issue on the machine - catalogue problems? - as it was working fine a few weeks ago but will do manual downloads anyway.
What's your view on IE7; OK to install as I believe there were issues with the beta?

  birdface 15:51 17 Nov 2006

Download them one at a time from here IE7 One first if you can.

  birdface 16:02 17 Nov 2006

Sorry about that last one, It was meant to go elsewhere.

  birdface 09:52 18 Nov 2006

Well there are a few problems here and there mostly minor,Downloaded properly you should avoid most of them,I find it a lot better,If in doubt Give it another month, Then all those minor problems should be ironed out,Any problem I have had is With NTL Who are trying to fix all the problems caused by the download of IE7,

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