Windows Update Problem

  Spotty 12:05 23 Feb 2003

I have been running Windows 2000 without problem for some while but now have a difficulty with the on-line update faciliity. It downloads and apparently installs update successfully (updates show in history file and registry) but successive update scans show the same updates still need to be downloaded. Any thoughts?

  ribo 13:28 23 Feb 2003

I had exactly the same problem. bvw in bristol sorted it our for me. I do not know how to do the links to my posting but in there you will find the anwser. My thread was "Windows updates" and was posted on the 19.03.03. I hope you can find it, as I am sure it is what you want. Ribo

  Djohn 13:37 23 Feb 2003

ribo, If you go to your *MY postings* you will find your thread straight away, click on it to open and then right click on the title and choose the option, *copy shortcut* left click it and then come back to this thread.

In the message box, right click and choose *paste*, then post the message, when it appears in the forum it will say, *Click here*

  AndySD 13:39 23 Feb 2003
  Stuartli 13:47 23 Feb 2003

Why not just highlight the thread title and then Contl C before a Contl V into your posting?

  ribo 13:54 23 Feb 2003

click here. I have tried it and will see if it works.

  ribo 13:56 23 Feb 2003

It worked. spotty, it is up to you. Thanks Djohn and AndySD.Ribo.

  ribo 14:05 23 Feb 2003

Just had a thought. I am using xp and you say 2000. So perhaps the file I had to rename is not the same. If so, I am sorry. Ribo

  Spotty 15:53 23 Feb 2003

Thanks for suggestions.
I've tied the fix regarding 'Crytographic Services' but receive the responce "The specified service does not exist as an installed sevice" Perhaps as you suggest, it only works with Windows XP. Back to the drawing board. Spotty.

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